Ollie Robinson reveals the trick to get Kohli’s wicket

Ollie Robinson became the man of the match of the 3rd test for his impressive bowling figures of 2-16 and 5-65 in the two innings.Robinson got rid of the middle and lower order batsmen quickly to seal the deal for England.With this win,England level the series 1-1.The next match is set at The Oval and will commence on September 2nd.

Speaking in the post match presentation,Robinson said on winning the Man of the match award,”It’s a dream to be honest, to get a man of the match award in my first win for England. I enjoyed bowling here before, and it’s nice to use the conditions here, so I’m happy to get a five-for here. To bowl with Jimmy and learn from him is an honour. It has only improved my game. I keep learning and trying to be as good as possible.”

Further,he talked about securing Virat’s wicket and the team’s strategy to get rid of the Indian captain.He elaborated,

It’s nice to get Kohli, after he got me for two fours in the over – it’s a simple plan to Virat, fourth and fifth stump, get it to angle away, and hope he nicks it and he did.

The plan is working successfully for England in the whole tour.The stats of Virat show it.He has scored only one fifty plus score in the series.And every single time he has got out in the same fashion-nicking the ball to the wicket-keeper or the first slip.

It looks that the 32-year-old isn’t learning from his mistakes.He needs to adapt his technique according to the requirements in English conditions.Just the way he had done for the 2018 tour of England.But the trend has become that : Virat edges the ball,looks up in disappointment,shadow practices leaving or defending the ball as he walks off.However,in the next innings,he ends up falling prey to the same technical flaw.

Match Summary

England were quiet, technically pedantic, crafty, and not exactly eager for a brawl. Were. One might find it hard to believe that Joe Root’s team weren’t themselves surprised by the manner in which they annihilated India.Nevertheless,the one boring thing about Test cricket is that there’s no room for flukes.Sustained effort, and indomitable spirit from England have managed to mute over a billion people, with a subtly moving ball. India did seem to get a little vocal and spoke a little too early after the Lord’s win, and they have fallen unelegantly and haplessly – but perhaps not irredeemably.

The Oval is likely to be a belter, and the glimmer of hope from India’s batting in the second innings needs to carry over into London.

Avishkar Govardhane is a Sports Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News covering the latest Cricket News.

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