North Korean Lashed Out At South For Putting Them In Bad Light On TV and Films.

North Korean site Uriminzokkiri didn’t refer to the explicit title. However, it because on the most recent drama “Crash Landing on You” and the blockbuster film “Ashfall”. North Korea is extremely delicate to any analysis of the nation. Relations with the South have weakened over the years. Regardless of North Korea set out on an uncommon way of global tact with Seoul and Washington in 2018. “Recently, South Korean authorities and film producers have released anti-republic films and TV dramas that are deceptive, fabricated, absurd and impure, putting all their efforts into making strategic propaganda,” the commentary said.


Action film “Ashfall” bases on Mount Paektu – a torpid spring of gushing lava in North Korea which holds a unique spot in Korean culture on the two sides of the Border, Which suddenly erupts causing severe earthquakes across the peninsula. As per the plot, the best way to quit the following commotion is to store a nuclear bomb in the profundities of the mountain, which detonates and stops the earthquakes.

The possibility of somebody taking North Korea’s atomic weapons to nuke its mountain likely didn’t go down well in Pyongyang. The closure – an assembled government supervising the recreation of the Korean Peninsula – may likewise have caused disappointment.

Ashfall likewise includes the breakdown of a structure – dared to be the central command of the decision Workers’ Party of Korea in Pyongyang, presumably a bit of political imagery unreasonably far for the North.

Mount Paektu has a unique spot in the nation’s character. Mount Paektu is a consecrated spot in Korean old stories. And Kim Family have “Mount Paektu bloodline”. North Korea claims “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-il, who died in 2011, was born in a lodge on the mountain.

It’s not outlandish to recommend that the plot of the film caused the Unbearable Insult the article moaned about. “It is a pity that movie and programme-makers produce such insulting programmes while ditching their integrity, dignity and conscience as artists and are blinded with making money”, it said.

Crash Landing On You

The other conceivable objective of TV Drama “Crash Landing on You” which has become a success on the rating list. The lighthearted comedy recounts to the account of a South Korean beneficiary who unintentionally crash-arrives in North Korea while paragliding. Her salvage by a North Korean armed force official starts a romantic tale in the background.

The story has been lauded for its very accurate and nuanced depiction of North Korea. A real-life North Korean defector was one of the writers.

Some in the South Korean has likewise condemned it for glamorizing the neighbour as a quite and liveable spot. However, watchers in the North may have a different take on this. North Korea portrayed as a nation where people live with power cuts while the elite families enjoy lavish life.

The Uriminzokkiri publication protested the individuals who “turn the tragic division of Korea into a source of entertainment”, calling them “misers and human rubbish without any conscience”.



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