Nicolas Corsaro Stresses Businesses To Use Instagram In 2020

Nicolas Corsaro has been using social media to take traditional advertising to a new level in using advancements with technology!

The strategy Corsaro utilizes collaborates businesses and popular social influencers and allows them to work together to create something larger.

Corsaro stated, “Billboards, radio, television, and even print advertising are all low-grade marketing measures and were only useful in early 90’s”.

Fast forward to 2020, there is now well over 3.5 billion people using a smartphone. It is no secret that over one billion people use Instagram monthly; with at least two-hundred million people visiting at least one business profile daily.

Corsaro believes social media have and will continue to disrupt traditional marketing; since we can now reach niche specific individuals through the click of a button within seconds. Most people would rather buy a product or service from someone they trust and follow daily; rather than seeing a traditional advertisement.

Corsaro explains, “People want products/services that are used by their idols, which is why influencer marketing has become so effective within this space. Brands supply their products/services to popular social media users with large followings, which allows the product to become a must-have to their follower base”.

Although it is not organic, it drives more sales than traditional advertising methods because of the long-term relationship it generates between the consumer and the celebrity.

“Money doesn’t follow their best product in the marketplace; however, money does follow the product/service with most attention. There are businesses generating billions of dollars in income from marketing campaigns from Instagram”; which could boost the confidence of any person looking to expedite their personal or business growth through the Instagram platform. Follow more on this topic or similar topics follow Nicolas Corsaro on Instagram directly @FLXN.