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New Tweet By Jake Paul Causes Trollers Vs Fans In The Comments

Jake Paul has come a long way from being the vine kid to a YouTuber, TikToker, Boxer, and Businessman. However, his controversial and funny nature remains the same.

Jake Paul has been very active in the YouTube-Boxing space lately. Having won all of his bouts to date, Jake Paul is an undefeated YouTube Boxer. However, there are many critics for this record that he holds.

Many claim that Jake never fights actual fighter and hence manages to secure the W. What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments.

What Was The Tweet?

Recently Jake Paul took to his Twitter handle to send out a seemingly funny tweet. Fans have mixed reactions to it. Some liked the tweet while others trolled Jake Paul. What was the tweet about?

Jake Paul tweeted “I was eating eggs for breakfast this morning, scrolling through Twitter, when a small piece of an egg came out of my mouth & landed upon my iPhone screen favoriting a tweet on my timeline.. I’m sat here wondering if the egg really liked the tweet or if this was just an accident..”

The Trolls

One comment read “Instead of him just cleaning his phone off he sits and wonders if eggs have a consciousness. Nice Jake paul…. nice”.

There was another comment which received good reactions from others. Have a look at it yourself below:

Other netizens tried to vibe in and comment a punny comment. Once said ‘it was just an eggcident’, another user chimed in saying ‘i eggree’.

Jake’s Upcoming Fight

There were Jake Paul supporters in the comments as well.

Many were excited about his upcoming boxing match with MMA star Tyron Woodley and also anticipated KSI Vs Jake Paul in the future.

Oh boy, Twitter is one heck of a place for entertainment. Do you agree?

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