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New features in WhatsApp, know full Details.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform worldwide. WhatsApp has released updates to the app several times over the past few weeks. With these updates, many new features have come in the phone. The company continues to release new features on its iOS and Android platform.

Call waiting Features

If you are talking on a call, you can still receive the call on WhatsApp. Previously, users did not have the option to accept calls when talking on the phone.

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WhatsApp group Video calling features

Now you can add up to 8 users to a group audio or video call on WhatsApp. Explain that earlier in group calls only 4 members could be added on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Message forward limit

WhatsApp has now reduced the limit of forwarding any message on the app. The company says that with the new limit, the number of messages forwarded on WhatsApp worldwide has decreased by 70 percent. Explain that earlier a message could be forwarded to 5 users and now this limit has been reduced to 1.

WhatsApp Security Feature

WhatsApp released the WhatsApp authentication system in Android and iOS apps. Through this, users can protect their chat. Users can go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint Lock and secure their WhatsApp chat.

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