New Daredevil Has A Weapon The Original Never Did

Elektra is one of Marvel Comics’ deadliest assassins and her new weapon has proved to be the best thing. Ever since the lock-up of Matt Murdoch, his former lover has been running around as Daredevil on behalf of him.

The new Daredevil has done a great job of keeping Hell’s Kitchen safe but now Bullseye is back on the streets with an army. This means she is in need of an upgrade and luckily that upgrade comes in the form of a pair of powerful new weapons which is designed by the Invincible Iron Man.

Fans get the first tease of what these weapons can do. Bullseye will be in a lot of trouble if they are as deadly as Elektra. In Daredevil #34, Elektra makes her move to face off with Bullseye as the “lockdown” storyline continues. The new Daredevil goes to Times Square as she sets herself up as bait for her murderous foe.

She projects herself on every screen. Typhoid Mary backs her as she is also on the hunt for Bullseye. When Bullseye shows up, Daredevil is seen taking out a pair of supercharged electricity-generated sai. This was recently updated by Tony Stark in Daredevil #33. Elektra proves herself to be a very different Daredevil with this brand new weapon.

This is interesting for a number of reasons as these weapons can generate and discharge sound waves. Elektra does not share Matt’s radar sense though but the weapon can play off of the abilities of her predecessor. They also generate electricity which makes it quite formidable than Daredevil’s standard dual billy clubs.

Elektra Natchios is an assassin, even if Daredevil may be a hero. She has been following Matt’s no-killing policy but with the new nonlethal sai, she is a bit rougher than Matt’s foes are used to. Elektra will not think twice to inflict some serious pain to her enemies and thanks to Iron Man, she is doing that.


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