Netflix’s Biggest Anime Issue Has Finally Been Solved News

Netflix’s Biggest Anime Issue Has Finally Been Solved

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Time icon November 15, 2021

Netflix appears to be making an effort to address the biggest issue with its anime handling.

Netflix has established itself as one of the most popular anime outlets in recent years. Regrettably, the method the streamer went about releasing its anime content has largely been viewed negatively.

However, recent modifications to their distribution patterns suggest that this is about to change for the better.

Netflix’s Biggest Anime Issue

Netflix has been distributing new anime outside of Japan for years by waiting several months after the original air date and then uploading all of the episodes—or only a subset of the episodes if the plan has more than 12 or 13 episodes—in one batch.

hat strategy is similar to Netflix’s standard binge release format, but the problem with using it for a Netflix anime show or franchise is that by the time it’s released, much of the buzz and interest surrounding it will have gone because fans will have moved on to another anime series.

Many anime fans have criticized the fact that shows like Shaman King, Little Witch Academia, Beastars, BNA: Brand New Animal, and Carole & Tuesday are tied to Netflix and must be seen legitimately or through pirated fansubs. To characterize the frequently happening circumstance, the community coined the phrase “trapped in Netflix jail.”

Recent events, on the other hand, give the sense that Netflix is working to resolve the issue. Netflix has picked up two popular anime series for streaming in the fall of 2021: the art-focused Blue Period animation and the coming-of-age love dramedy Komi Can’t Communicate. Both shows will have episodes broadcast weekly, although a week after the episode airs in Japan, unlike other anime series Netflix has licensed in the past. It’s a notable departure from Netflix’s regular content dump release style and one that encourages consumers to watch anime on Netflix.

Netflix’s willingness to change its binge model in order to adapt to the genre rather than forcing the genre to adhere to it is a strong sign that the streaming service regards anime as having enormous potential.

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