Netflix Walkout: Complete List of Protestors’ Demands Revealed

People who have participated in the Netflix walkout protest of Dave Chappelle’s latest comedy special have revealed their demands.

The comedian had become famous for his sketch show Chappelle’s shoe but his Netflix stand-up specials have gained popularity. In 2016, Dave inked a deal with Netflix to produce six specials, the most recent being The Closer, which was released earlier this month.

The comedian makes jokes about his notoriety throughout the presentation, humorously referring to himself as transphobic. He supports J. K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, who has also been accused of similar transphobic beliefs. Dave tells the case of a transgender comedian who committed suicide after supposedly being harassed online for defending him.

He further closes his show by pleading with the LGBTQ+ community to stop punching comedians. The show, of course, drew quick criticism and news leaked last week that trans Netflix employees and allies were preparing a protest strike.

Netflix employees have now continued their strike and rally and drew over 100 demonstrators. Organizers gave out a list of demands that would be presented to the Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos, including eliminating any allusions and pictures of Dave from the workplace. It also includes acknowledging that The Closer has harmed the trans community and increasing investment in trans content on the site.

Read the complete list of demands from the protestors below, which was first published by Deadline:

  1. Remove any and all allusion to Dave Chappelle from the workplace including but not limited to murals, posters, room names, and swag;
  2. Recognize that the special is harmful to the trans community and Netflix’s responsibility for it, so that we can keep the internal dialogue about transphobia moving forward;
  3. Investing in trans and non-binary material;
  4. On Netflix, we spend in trans or non-binary content at a level equivalent to our overall expenditure in transphobic content, including comparable advertisements;
  5. Works by Dave (such as the investment in ‘The Closer’ and ‘Sticks and Stones’, Rickey Gervais’ After Life and similar investments should all be considered comparable.
  6. Investing in a diverse group of trans creators to produce both scripted and unscripted programming in a variety of genres;
  7. Review internal processes for commissioning and/or publishing potentially harmful content; including engagement with third-party vendors, by involving numerous and diverse parties who can speak to its harm.
  8. Review the ERG’s involvement in discussions about potentially damaging content; and produce materials to ensure that we have best-in-class regional support for difficult diversity issues.
  9. Employ transgender content executives in senior positions and foster a welcoming environment for them.
  10. Recruit trans persons for firm leadership positions (director, vice president, etc.) and foster an inclusive workplace for them;
  11. The opportunity for Trans* employees and allies to opt out of promotional content; (e.g. allyship videos, etc.) created by the company;
  12. Before The Closer, there is a disclaimer that it contains transphobic rhetoric, misogyny, homophobia, and hate speech.
  13. Increase the platform’s promotion of Disclosure and other trans-affirming titles.

Netflix CEO Yet To Address Demands

Sarandos has remained insistent throughout the dispute that Netflix will not be pulling the special; citing the streamer’s devotion to creative freedom, which has only stoked the fire. Sarandos did express contrition for how he handled the problem on the same day as the walkout. He did not, however, change his mind about Chappelle’s special not crossing the threshold into hate speech.

Dave has sparred with the LGBTQ+ community before as he referred to them as “the alphabet people” in his last special, Stick & Stones. This was one of the few jokes that receives backlash but many believe he has gone too far with The Closer. Meanwhile, the Netflix CEO obviously disagrees, which has produced a lot of friction within Netflix. Their CEO has yet to respond to the demonstrators’ demands; but if he wants to heal the division that Chappelle’s special has caused within the company; he’ll have to address at least a few of them.


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