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Netflix Has Confirmed a Far Cry Animation Series

According to Netflix Geeked, the streaming service is working on an animated series based on Ubisoft’s long-running video game property Far Cry. The Far Cry video game series debuted in 2004, and Far Cry 6 is set to release later this year, with Giancarlo Esposito starring as Antón Castillo, the new villain.

Outside of the main six games, spinoffs such as Far Cry: New Dawn and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon have been successful. The games have previously been made into a live-action film, with Uwe Boll’s terrible 2008 Far Cry, but this will be the first animated version.

Netflix Geeked broke the news of the in-development series on Twitter. “Netflix and @Ubisoft are developing a completely new Far Cry animated series,” the tweet read. It doesn’t go into detail about the project or mention any people, but it’s enough to get gamers excited about the potential of a performance. Despite being animated, the show should deliver the same high-octane action and terrifying villains that the franchise is known for. Take a look at the following tweet:

Each primary game in the series introduces a new locale, protagonist, and villain, making it difficult to predict whether the series would focus on previously established content from the games or stick to tradition by introducing new characters. The games are likewise aimed at a mature audience, with each obtaining a M rating for overall violence and language. Despite being animated, the show is likely to appeal to the same older audiences that enjoy the games.

Netflix already has other successful adult-oriented animated shows like Big Mouth and BoJack Horseman, showing that they aren’t hesitant to introduce mature content to the animated domain. Netflix is bound to provide additional material as the show progresses in order to entice viewers in the run-up to Far Cry’s premiere.

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