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Netflix Has Canceled Cursed After Season 1

Cursed, a Netflix drama based on the legend of King Arthur, has been cancelled after one season. The performance is about the Lady of the Lake, a fairy who appears in different iterations throughout English tradition. Due of her mystery history, the character has been reinterpreted in different novels, movies, and television episodes throughout the years.

Reports due by a certain date Cursed was not renewed for a second season by Netflix. The streaming site did not give an explanation for the decision, but during its first week, the show got middling reviews and a lukewarm viewer reaction. Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why) plays Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, in her early years in the series.

Devon Tyrell, Gustaf Skarsgrd, Daniel Sharman, and Shalom Brune-Franklin also star as Arthur. Cursed, an illustrated YA novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, is the basis for the show. Season 1 aired in its whole in July of last year, with 10 episodes.


Because Netflix is selective about whatever viewership and ratings data it makes public, it’s impossible to know just how well Cursed did on the streaming service. Despite being based on the same-named YA novel, it appears that the show did not appeal to lovers of the book, or that those who did were not fans of the adaptation.

The series did debut at the top of Netflix’s best shows list, but that’s to be expected for a well-publicized new release. Warrior Nun, another female-led fantasy adaption that premiered around the same time but was extended for a second season a month later, is a good example of the opposite.

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