Navjyot Gurudatta: Waving the Sikh flag “Nishan Sahib” up above the sky! News

Navjyot Gurudatta: Waving the Sikh flag “Nishan Sahib” up above the sky!

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Time icon March 8, 2020

“A man who can dream it can even achieve it!” This stands true for Navjyot Gurudatta of small town Khariar Road, Odisha. A true blue Sikh with a turban on his head & his head held high created history. Little did this man know that he could achieve a world record of waving the Sikh flag “Nishan Sahib” in the sky so high, at about 13,000 feet above sea level. But, with his genuine & true spirit achieved it all & how beautifully!

Navjyot skydived on February 29, 2020 in the Palm drop zone, Dubai & became the first person to raise & wave the Sikh flag in the sky called “Nishan Sahib” & created a world record. As he achieved the milestone of his life, skies seemed to roar the pride of Sikhism gloriously. Nishan Sahib is a triangular Sikh flag that is found outside most Gurudwaras & holds great importance in the life of a Sikh. ‘Nishan’ means symbol & in a way, denotes the symbol of the Sikh culture. And, Navjyot raised & waved the Sikh culture in the form of the flag over the skies.

This admirable gesture by Navjyot has taken not only ‘Nishan Sahib’ to greater heights, but he has taken himself to a higher level by thinking of doing something as great as this. Something like this was never thought of by someone before, to raise & wave a flag of the Sikh community & culture ‘up above the sky’ & take the Sikh religion to an altogether different level. The marvellous act proves how determined Navjyot is in spreading the Sikh culture onwards & upwards.

Kudos to you Navjyot for creating history as heroic & as beautiful as this, not only for you but for the entire Sikh community & for promoting the Sikh religion all over the world.

Navjyot Gurudatta: “Officially a world record holder now! ????”

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