Native American Medicine Man Discusses Mushroom that Improves the Immune System by 4,000% within 20 Hours this week on the InTune Instrument Podcast

Medicine Man and Entrepreneur Man Found Standing joins ~9 on The InTune Instrument Podcast, where they talk about relevant, controversial, and paradigm-shifting hot topics. “People perish from a lack of knowledge,” Man Found Standing states, and so, his mission is to impart the kind of knowledge it takes to offer new life to those who seek it. Through dietary changes and consuming the miraculous Apan mushroom used by the indigenous of the Americas for thousands of years, Man Found Standing talks about how he has seen many people heal ailments often considered incurable by the Modern Western medicine community. In this episode, listeners will learn how the immune system naturally modulates itself and what ingredients are needed to support this process.

This information comes at a momentous time where the mainstream dialogue on health and wellness can be divided and volatile. With Covid-19, vaccination pros and cons, masks, and mandates, Man Found Standing’s research offers a refreshing perspective and practical resources to those desperate for clarity and solutions. Man Found Standing brings to light stark revelations as he learned about U.S. laws that keep people from obtaining high-quality natural healing products. He also reveals that many big pharmaceutical industries are not interested in natural remedies, no matter how well they work. Imagine having a 100% success rate with a medicine that obliterated the bird flu, but the medical industry rejected it because it is a natural remedy! When big pharma made $50 billion in profit in the US from bird flu, the motives begin to make sense. Despite the obstacles, hope and knowledge are not lost, and people have a choice. Man Found Standing talks about this and so much more in this captivating episode. 

Man Found Standing invites listeners to contact him personally if they are seeking guidance. Get your notepads ready for the information you won’t want to miss and stay (in-)tuned!

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“It’s so wonderful that our bodies have this ability to go out and heal itself…Go out and detoxify, clean out your body, eliminate those toxins…Give [it] the good nutrients, and you can heal.” – Man Found Standing

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Article Written by: Nikki Ankara


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