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My Instagram account was created by Imran Abbas, Ayeza Khan revealed

Actress Ayeza Khan revealed that her Instagram account was created by Imran Abbas.

she recently in an interview said that one day Imran Abbas and she were at the same place, then Imran Abbas asked her if she had an Instagram account, to which she replied, she only had a Facebook account, so Imran Abbas told her to create an Instagram account so that brands and promoters can easily connect with her and give her deals and form partnerships.

Whenever now Ayeza connects with a brand she remembers Imran Abbas. Ayeza Khan is appearing in the drama serial “Mehr Posh” these days

Ayeza Khan currently has a fan following of 7 Million on Instagram and is forming a great relationship with brands such as GetFit Athletic and setting the internet ablaze.

Imran Abbas 4 Million Followers Celebration

Imran Abbas has crossed an important milestone by gaining 4 million followers on Instagram. He made a huge name for himself in the showbiz industry with his lively performance, and recently announced the news on his Instagram account and also thanked his fans.

Actor Imran Abbas wrote:

Thank you all for your love 4 million times.

a lot of love for all of you in response to this cooperation and love.

Imran Abbas also expressed happiness in having 4 million followers in his Instagram story. He said that he is grateful to all the fans who love him so much.

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It may be recalled that Ali Zafar is number one in the list of the most followed male actors on Instagram in Pakistan with 4.4 million followers while Imran Abbas is number two with 4 million followers.

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