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“My foray into modeling was completely unplanned,” says Instagram star Kenza Boutrif

It seems that Instagram is the modern-day platform for being scouted for various jobs, from brand deals to modeling. Here, spontaneous and caring Instagram star – Kenza Boutrif talks about her unplanned modeling career and her influencing platform all began.

Boutrif is half-Algerian and half-Congolese. Her life began in Belgium. At the age of six, Boutrif and her family moved to London, where she went to school. Her love and passion for Instagram started as she was 13. Then, Boutrif would post her life and love for fashion.

Boutrif never planned to be a model. Her Instagram account became her portfolio, and she was scouted by a modeling agency two years ago. It all simply fell into place, and Boutrif is now using her platform as her full-time career.

Boutrif believes that to get anywhere as an influencer, you need to have a long-term goal. If and when you start to build a following and an audience, keep going and always be consistent. The model says it is important not to lose focus and slip out of creating content to share online, as consistency is key.

Boutrif is signed to an agency called Wilhelmina for her modeling jobs. Yet, her influencing career is totally independent. She treats both aspects separately, although the two can collide at some points and boost one another.

Her love for various content streams and career paths stemmed from her admiration for Rihanna. Kenza Boutrif loves Rihanna’s drive and passion for different revenue streams. She believes it is the path to success. This young model and influencer hopes to have multiple streams in the next 5 years besides just modeling.

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