MrBeast Surprises David Dobrik's Younger Brother

MrBeast Surprises David Dobrik’s Younger Brother

David Dobrik’s latest vlog had MrBeast surprising his little brother. The influencer showed off lifestyle content before he introduced MrBeast as his “brother’s favourite YouTuber”.

Both the YouTubers are well-known for their giveaways on the video creating platform. David is known for giving away electric cars while MrBeast gives away huge sums of money. The former had returned to YouTube in June after his four-month break.

This came after the allegations of sexual assault, accused by former Vlog Squad member Seth Francois against another member, Jason Nash. The accusation highlighted the influencer’s association with Durte Dom. Durte had previous allegations of assault against him already.

In his new vlog, David was sitting in front of a van with his younger brother, Toby. David gave his brother a frisbee before MrBeast, with his face hidden, offered him a branded t-shirt. The influencer then dropped the t-shirt from his face for the reveal. This brought a mile reaction from Toby as MrBeast asked him if he is giving him this shirt, then what else would he give him.

Toby responded saying, “Money” and MrBeast gave him a suitcase with $10,000. After he gave Toby the suitcase, MrBeast admitted to not even telling David he was doing that. The influencer then asked young Dobrik who his favourite YouTuber was. Toby replied, “You”, because of which MrBeast gave him an iPhone.

After he got his gifts from MrBeast, Toby began tearing up with joy. He thanked the influencer for the gifts.

“I’m going to be honest, I’ve given people a million dollars and had worse reactions.”

At the end of the video, David asked his brother how the interaction was. Toby said it was “really really cool” and deemed it as “the best moment of my life”. David later on shared a video of his younger brother wearing the MrBeast merchandise as he stood next to the suitcase of money.

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