MrBeast Gives A Sneak Peek Into The Biggest Squid Game Recreation Set

YouTuber MrBeast is known for his viral content and this time it’s no different. The YouTube, who has over 75 million subscribers on the platform, has decided to recreate the record-breaking Netflix series Squid Game.

Squid Game has been insanely popular since it was released. It even had a cryptocurrency isnpired by it. However, the SQUID cryptocurrency turned out to be a rug-pull and scammers made away with millions of dollars.

Squid Game Craze

Amidst the ongoing Squid Game craze, MrBeast has decided to host the biggest recreation of the Netflix series on YouTube. He has said that over 450 people will be participating in the games.

And now, MrBeast has shared pictures from the set of Squid Game recreation and you’d be surprised at how closely the set resembles the actual Netflix series. Taking to his official Twitter handle, MrBeast wrote “The Squid Game sets are coming together! Wish the 456 contestants good luck next week.”

Have a look at the tweet and the pictures below:

MrBeast will bring in456 contestants who will be competing for a sum of money and given the YouTuber’s past record, we can assure that the prize money would be worth it.

TeamSeas Project

MrBeast has also launched a brand new TeamSeas project that aims to clean 30 million pounds of waste from the ocean. In the past, the YouTube also launched a succesful TeamTrees project where he planted 1 Million trees.

The TeamSeas project is off to a great start and MrBeat’s team has already raised over $10 million to complete their objective of cleaning the oceans. He recently appeared on the Jimmy Kemmel Show to promote the TeamSeas project.

Be it viral videos, saving the environment, or recreating Netflix’s isnanely popular series, MrBeast can do it all. Whta do you think about the whole story? Tell us in the comments.

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