More Students Opt For Virtual Learning during the Coronavirus Spread says Cool Gurus Founder Romy Johnson News

More Students Opt For Virtual Learning during the Coronavirus Spread says Cool Gurus Founder Romy Johnson

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Time icon March 13, 2020

With the spread of Coronavirus around the world, more and more students are now directed to stay at home to prevent mass gatherings and get the infection rate in control. In India, the number of infections had remained contained to 3 over the past few weeks, but now the number has risen to 72 and it is expected to increase in the coming days. Indian government is acting proactively and has advised schools to remain closed and postpone exams that were to be held in March. These measures are aimed at protecting the students and avoiding asymptomatic spreading of coronavirus. To get through the times and avoid a break in the learning process, Cool Gurus is making its educational platform available for students.

By using the platform, all the students who want to master English speaking, reading, listening and writing can download and access content on Cool Gurus or British English Academy. The different topics in English are covered by expert tutors who make the learning process easy and interactive. To get access to interactive tutorials, live instructions, and IELTS courses, one has to register at CoolGurus. Opening an account is easy and could be done within minutes. The entire library on the site will be available for viewing and download on your phone and computer.

Romy Johnson said. “It’s a rough time for educational institutions with everything going on in the world right now. I can’t even imagine how much work it took for a project like Cool Gurus this but I’m so grateful. We are doing our best to offer a safe learning environment for our students through video lessons and live tutoring using virtual classrooms.

WHO had now declared that Coronavirus is a pandemic as 125 countries around the world have one or more cases. This is expected to rise before the infection will peak out and the schools and other educational institutions are likely to remain closed or be limited in their operation due to fear of virus spread.  In these times, students can make the best out of online learning platforms. Cool Gurus from the start of its inception has been a great advocate for distant learning through high-quality tutorials online. And now that people are likely to avoid gathering in the public and stay home to remain safe, the Canada and India based Edtech company British India Academy and it’s sister tutoring company Cool Gurus have come forward to help students to continue their English learning for IELTS exam. When the coronavirus pandemic is controlled, students will find themselves confident in taking up the exam which will be held in the coming months although is being postponed in some countries.

Rani Johnson, managing director of BIA said “We understand that it is a rough time and everyone at Cool Gurus and British India Academy is committed to make the learning process easier. We can’t thank the students enough for this support.” In this crisis, it is best to stay safe and plan on improving certain skill sets that one is lacking and would help with progressing their professional and personal life. If a person is not a native English speaker and wants to learn English, the British English Academy can help to master English during this time and become well versed in all aspects of using English including speaking, reading and writing. The English tutorials available on the Cool Gurus platform can also be used by educational institutions, municipalities, governments and health care organizations to keep their students engaged with the learning process. The new products at Cool Gurus are available at discounted prices during this period. These offer great value at an affordable price. 

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