Mohammed Iqbal Ali Explains The Significance Of Education Towards Nation Building News

Mohammed Iqbal Ali Explains The Significance Of Education Towards Nation Building

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March 29, 2020

As the importance of light is better understood by experiencing darkness; so is the importance of education can be better understood by dwelling into the lack of it. Dr. Mohammed Iqbal Ali, who is the vice chairman of CAREER GROUP OF EDUCATIONS believes that education is the primary ladder we need to climb to reach where we aspire to, to make our dreams a reality. Education is an essential tool for bright future for the nation. We can achieve anything good in our lives using the tool of education. For a developing country like India, to achieve the goals of development it becomes imperative that it eradicates social evils like- malnutrition, crime against women, child labor, illiteracy, corruption, gender inequality, crime rates, poverty, poor health and hygiene etc.

Making every girl child and every woman a literate will successfully reduce the gender bias, resulting in a more balanced and progressive society. If we want to achieve development we must educate our youth especially girls and women, so that they overcome the shackles of gender discrimination and constructively contribute to the progress of the nation.
Today, India is the world’s fastest growing economy and is about to surpass China; and looking forward to achieve sustainable development by the year 2030 with rest of the world. A feat only possible through right education and all round development of the children.

Education with the right knowledge imparts a sense of teamwork and discipline in children, which is very important for their own growth as well as the growth of nation when they become adults. It is essential that a child learns how to communicate and work in a team.
India today has a mission of transforming itself into a developed nation with value system. This is a great challenge. This can be achieved through our youth power. Our youth has the power of ideas, ambition, enthusiasm and ability. This resource of the youth is an important building block for transforming India into a developed nation.

In an integrated way it can be said, that any enlightened human being can be created by the teacher through providing two unique characteristics. One is building capacities among the students to inquire, to innovate, be creative, entrepreneurship and moral leadership. Second is the development of moral value system. The noble life practiced by the teacher indeed becomes a beacon light to the students.

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