Mo Abdul Made It Big In Online Marketing – here’s how News

Mo Abdul Made It Big In Online Marketing – here’s how

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Time icon December 14, 2020   | Last Updated: September 8, 2023 at 6:12 PM

Mo Abdul better known as @wiseguymo on Instagram is a 24-year-old college dropout turned entrepreneur. He’s an emerging online marketing and sales expert in the industry. Already having a global clientele base, Mo Abdul’s entrepreneurial journey is none less than that of a jet-pack-joy-ride.

Mo Abdul made it big in the sphere of digital marketing through his ability of sheer hard work and brutal competence. ‘This industry is pretty competitive and no trend stays for long and this is partly the reason why I love this online game’, Abdul tells.

The journey of Wiseguymo is not an ordinary one. Being an immigrant, it was rather more difficult and hurdle-filled than ordinary. He oriented his mind towards ‘networking and building his strengths’ right from the start of his career and it has now reaped benefits in terms of referrals via word of mouth and positive publicity for his company.

When asked about his learnings from networking, he said ‘a majority of the clients that my digital marketing agency works with come through referrals and the only way to get referrals in marketing is being the best at what you do. Besides, it’s not about what you know, but who you know’.  He has worked with a host of multinational brands and enterprises on their digital marketing campaigns producing professional and paramount results. His expertise is well-respected by his clients and followers.

In his free time at school and college, he reverse-engineered all the ads he liked on social media. It was one of the things that enabled him to figure out the psychology of bringing in leads and ultimately, conversions.

According to the young entrepreneur, the recipe for success in online marketing is the right leadership, blueprint, structure, leads, customers/clients, income, and repetition. If one can do this successfully, there’s no hurdle anymore.

With the rising number of failing entrepreneurs, Wiseguymo hopes there ought to be a movement that will push those who are struggling to go out and accomplish their dreams and goals and wants to lead this movement. He also plans to put together opportunities for other people that are in similar circumstances as he was before.

The success story of Mo Abdul is undoubtedly invigorating. It depicts the strength of perseverance and the importance of providing value to others in the business world. Mo Abdul proves that entrepreneurship is more than just creativity and innovation. It’s also about shattering the status-quo because there’s more to life than what society teaches you.

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