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Melissa McCarthy Says Her Husband Has Fallen For Harry Styles

Melissa McCarthy made an appearance on The Ellen Show as she opened up about a surprising revelation. She revealed that her husband Ben Falcone has a huge crush on none other than, Harry Styles.

The actress has been married to the director since 2005 and the couple shares two kids together. Host Ellen DeGeneres mentioned how her husband has a crush on Harry. She explained, “He’s fallen pretty hard for Harry Styles.”

Ellen responded saying who hasn’t fallen for the singer and said that she thinks everyone is in love with Harry. Melissa said it was not a bad choice, however, she said sometimes she is waiting for him to say she can cut her hair a little shorter.

She continued, with a laugh, “As if me cutting my hair would be like I’m a dead ringer for Harry. What are you talking about? I would just look more tragic.” The actress had come on the show to promote her new movie, Superintelligence. The movie is directed by her husband as she stars in it along with Bobby Cannavale.

Melissa explained that the movie is about an A.I. that becomes aware and finds her character who is “the most average of all average people”. She further adds that A.I. decides to watch her for three days to see if mankind is worth saving.

Melissa Launches 20 Days Of Kindness

The actress further explains that the A.I. ponders on whether or not to wipe off entire humanity as her character goes on her own mission. She said, “The A.I. chooses to follow me and I decide the one thing I really care about, if I have three days left, is to find my love that got away, played by Bobby Cannavale, who is great.”

Melissa also launched her own charitable campaign through her upcoming movie called 20 Days of Kindness. From the campaign, 20 charities will have benefit. “It’s a funny time in the world and in promoting this movie about kindness matters and people are worth saving and that love wins, we thought if we were going to be getting back together in our virtual way, let’s shine a light on some great causes,” she said.

The actress also mentioned the website as she highlighted the great charities which will be receiving $20,000. Fans can donate through the website to charities and it can give them an opportunity to win a new Tesla Model X. Not just that, they will also get a chance to virtually meet with Melissa.

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