Megan Fox Officially Files For Divorce From Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox has officially filed for divorce from estranged husband, Brian Austin Green. The former couple had announced their separation back in May this year.

Megan and Brian had been married for 10 years. The actress filed a petition in a Los Angeles court according to reports. She is requesting joint legal and physical custody. The former couple share three children together, Noah, Bodhi, Journey.

She has sought termination of the ability for either herself or Brian to be awarded for spousal support. TMZ reported that Brian has also agreed to the terms, however, the date of separation declared by the two were not the same. Brian claims to have separated from the actress in March 2020, meanwhile, Megan claims to have separated from him back in November 2019.

The actress has previously filed for divorce from Brian back in 2015. However, that year she became pregnant with their third child and she confirmed that they had reconciled. This year in April, Megan filed to dismiss her divorce case against Brian.

The father of three confirmed their separation in a podcast. He shared that neither of them had done anything to each other. Brian said that Megan has always been honest with him. “I’ve always been honest with her,” he shared. “We’ve had an amazing relationship. I will always love her. And I know she will always love me and I know as far as a family what we have built is really cool and really special.”

After the couple split, it is no secret that Megan started seeing Machine Gun Kelly. The couple is often seen embracing each other during dinner dates. The actress even appeared in one of MGK’s song called, Bloody Valentine.

“Notice how absent they are from my social media”- Megan

MGK and Megan made their red carpet debut at this years’ American Music Awards as the actress presented Machine Gun’s live performance. She had recently slammed her ex, Brian for an Instagram post. The actress expressed her displeasure in the comment section of Brian’s recent post.

She accused him of “feeding the pervasive narrative” of her being an absent mother. Megan continued that he did that while showing his kids how he is a perennial, eternally dedicated father. After Megan’s accusation, Brian deleted the Instagram post and cropped out his son as he posted the picture with just himself.

Megan further accused her ex and asked him why is their youngest son, Journey in the picture. She wrote, “It’s not hard to crop them out. Or choose photos that they aren’t in. I had a great Halloween with them yesterday, and yet notice how absent they are from my social media.”

The actress further expressed her displeasure and said she knows he loves his kids. However, the actress shared how she does not know why he cannot stop using them to “posture” on Instagram. She further wrote, “You’re so intoxicated with feeding the pervasive narrative that I’m an absent mother, and you are the perennial, eternally dedicated dad of the year.”

Megan concluded that Brian has their kids half the time and congratulated him for being a remarkable human being. However, she asked him why does he need the internet to echo it back to him, what is already evident in the way their kids love him. 

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Since their breakup, Megan and Brian have had a few public tiffs but Brian had revealed that they had a positive co-parenting relationship. He said that the realization for them is that they can’t take the view that this won’t affect the kids. Brian continued if it’s a really negative experience or it’s not, they should feel safe and loved.

He added, “Everyone still loves and respects everyone, things are just different. It’s not bad different, it’s just different.” Brian also expressed how he wishes Megan the best for everything and wants her to be happy. He said it is important for her and the kids.


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