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Meet The Don Draper of Social Media; Antoin Commane

There is a reason why people love Don Draper. As a successful mad man, he has an intuitive understanding of the consumer’s mind, making him a brilliant ad man and the award-winning star of his advertising agency, attracting and retaining major clients, commanding respect from those above and below him, and generally living the picture-perfect life of a successful businessman in the early 1960s.

Don Draper creates new connections with people who matter to him and seems to truly live the messages he sells in meetings, making his pitches deeply emotive and useful. That is precisely why viewers care about him, in spite of his nihilistic tendencies. Not only does he understand the easiest way to move people, but Don himself is also like a walking ad, evoking our most basic desires for status and connection.

You see that right there! That’s who Antoin Commane is; only this time, it is in the context of social media and digital marketing. Like Don, Antoin is the founder of an advertising agency but not in the traditional sense, Antoin is a world-renowned expert in social media ads, and a successful entrepreneur owning brands such as influencer magazine DDW (Don’t Die Wondering).

Antoin Commane has built several multi-million dollar businesses and currently helps generate millions of dollars per year for his client’s businesses – scaling them with paid traffic, direct response marketing, and automated online sales funnels (check out his case study here).

I had the opportunity to speak with Antoin on various topics, but the way he talked about social media sold him out as someone worth giving a listen. Here’s Antoin’s outlook on social media:

Think Outside The Box And Test

“One of the key ways we help our clients generate millions of dollars each year is by trying out a lot of ideas. We test dozens of headlines, images, videos, and overall concepts for our ads, sales pages, and funnels. So create solid strategies and test a lot, especially in marketing and sales.”

Build A Personal Brand

“Personal brands are all powerful in the social media age especially with Instagram. People want to follow the founder or CEO, not a faceless company, ultimately people want to buy from people and if you create that connection through your social media posts and stories then you’re warming up a customer relationship.”

Honesty Is The Best Policy

“They say fake it till you make it but in fact people want to relate and buy into your journey. The most important thing in life and business is to be honest, authentic and transparent. This builds rapport and trust – which you need when selling to people. The caveat to this is always display your strengths but be real with people.”

Dial In Your Offer Before You Scale

“Facebook and Instagram ads are like throwing gasoline onto a fire. You first need to have a fire, it’s essential to have an offer that is working before scaling.”

Antoin’s Dream

“I want to empower people to live their best life and nothing beats receiving thank-you messages and testimonials from people that feel we’ve added value to their life, whether that be a client for the ad agency that we’re blowing up their sales for, an advertising client for the magazine, or a DM on my Instagram from a follower that’s grateful for a post we published.”

In finishing, I just sat there thinking, all he’s missing is that old fashioned in his hand overlooking New York City from an office, and he is Don Draper. Everything about Antoin exudes confidence, comfort, and his real-life persona has an ability to connect with his social media audience in a subconscious manner that leaves me impressed. Like with Don, I get drawn into Antoin’s beliefs and dreams of enjoying building something positive, and that will leave a legacy for others to get further in life.

You can find Antoin Commane on Instagram @antoin

Words by Gerry Millard

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