Meet renowned Entrepreneur from Bhubaneshwar: Subhransu Biswal

In the last decade, India has experienced a profound revolution in the success ratio of Budding Entrepreneurs. Today, people who know how to use resources wisely can do wonders with their lives.

I have seen personalities from India itself, who are an inspiring personality to other students and are Risk Takers at such a young age. When children in India are busy playing mobile and video games, few are planning huge ventures for their future. Some are playing, and others are planning businesses, attending meetings, and now after those sleepless nights, they are the source of inspiration for many.

Today, we are going to talk about an Entrepreneur Subhransu Biswal such young influencer who is going to create a history with his business ventures like CBG. According to Bhubaneshwar young entrepreneur, we will see a green energy i.e CBG all over India in the coming years. Just on 15th Feb 2020, our Petroleum minister told the importance of CBG in the coming years.

Subhransu Biswal feel’s India’s energy sector will be noticeably different from its current avatar. It will be driven by innovative technology and new business models in the coming years. We will see many changes and opportunities created by business people says Subhransu.

With multiple businesses, Subhransu is growing as an influential name in Bhubaneshwar and entire India. His unique Biogas project is going to do wonders for him as conditions are becoming more favourable for him in this line.

Few things which gives an indication that Subhransu is not a regular Entrepreneur:

  • As an Entrepreneur, he is happy with what he is doing in his life, and he knows the road to success is not smooth.
  • Subhransu believes in his instincts and works hard on it.
  • He is flexible with his decisions.
  • Subhransu is building a good team for the future as he knows the importance of it.
  • Subhransu wants to work for the society by giving his time and funds for Non-profitable firms.
  • With time he is becoming more responsible towards his work and society.