Meet Coldhc, Essex Avenue’s finest!

Rap in 2020 moves at a rapid pace. That’s why an artists like Chief Keef, at just 24 years old, is considered a legend and an influence, and why Young Thug has already given birth to a new set of Atlanta rappers primed to build upon the groundwork he’s laid in the past five years. It appears his influence has pushed up north to Coldhc in the northeast as well.

Hailing from Essex Avenue, Coldhc has quickly graduated from neighborhood stardom to city-wide fame as songs like “Laceless” and “Double Date” have become staples in hundreds of playlists. Following the release of his single, “Baboon” in July, the 26-year-old appeared on a flurry of tracks and features throughout the later part of 2019 to build a presence.

Their has been some rough patches in his career, Due to the devastating loss of his father in the Summer of 2018, Coldhc devoted his life to creating music to cope with the pain, but it changed into so much more. Coldhc started his recording artist career in August 2018 under the alias of H.C., to spread his message and to transport his listeners into his world and add vibrancy to their vibe. Coldhc adopted a melodic flow and infectious cadences that will echo throughout the listeners’ head long after the track ends.