Marvel’s What If…? Leaves Twitter In Awe News

Marvel’s What If…? Leaves Twitter In Awe

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Time icon August 11, 2021

Marvel’s next series, What If…? episode 1 has premiered where the story revolves around an alternate reality. We saw Peggy Carter taking the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers. Peggy takes the mantle in this animated series by Marvel.

The series continues after MCU’s Loki season 1 as it explores the multiverse. What If…? is based on the 1977 12-issue comic book series, What If? Classic: The Complete Collection Vol. 1. This series is written by Donald F. Glut, Gil Kane, Jim Shooter, Roy Thomas, Jack Kirby and Scott Shaw.

These episodes included glimpses of super-soldier serum powered Agent Peggy Carter as Captain Carter. And Steve Rogers was seen in a Tesseract powered Iron Man suit called Hydra Stomper. Fans made several memes about the multiversal events of the sacred timeline. Marvel fans were most pleased with Peggy’s transition from Agent Carter to Captain Carter.

Even Tony Stark’s father Howard Stark featured in the episode. Dominic Cooper voiced the character and returned as Tony’s father. This was after his role as the young version of Howard in 2016’s Agent Carter season 2. We heard most of our favourite characters coming back to voice their original roles in the series. However, we did not have Chris Evans as Captain America.

Steve Rogers’ role was voiced by Josh Keaton and he had previously voiced Tony’s character in Marvel’s Iron Man VR video game. He also voiced Peter Parker in 2011’s Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

Meanwhile, Hayley Atwell returns to voice Peggy “Captain” Carter. Other voice cast members include Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, Neal McDonough as Dum Dum Dugan, Stanley Tucci as Dr. Abraham Erskine, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Toby Jones as Arnim Zola. Furthermore, it has been rumoured that Jeremy Renner has also returned to voice Clint Barton. At the same time, Jeffrey Wright voiced The Watcher and was established as the narrator of the series.

The next episode will likely explore the reality where T’Challa is taken by Yondu instead of Peter Quill. This will result in T’Challa becoming Star-Lord and going on to work with the Ravagers.

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