Making Blockchain More Secure: BikdataTM News

Making Blockchain More Secure: BikdataTM

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Time icon August 7, 2021

From major investments to mainstream adoptions, crypto is exhibiting staying power (and price stability) in ways it never has before. Blockchain technologies have been on the mind of financial institutions for years, but as of 2021 the technology has expanded beyond the bounds of the financial industry. Blockchain is the peer-to-peer ledger technology that began with Bitcoin. It has been around for years, but it’s only been the last few months where it’s truly entered mainstream consciousness. Blockchain began life underpinning digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, and is a public database which stores detailed information about every transaction. By storing the cryptographically signed records of these transactions, blockchain has enabled companies to prove the integrity of their documents by shedding light on who owned the document at any specific time, and providing proof that it hasn’t been amended or altered. This was useful for Bitcoin as it ensured that the same money couldn’t be spent twice, unless a third-party stepped in.

However, blockchain is now starting to spread its wings, with its influence set to be more keenly felt in a number of sectors over the next few years. Data management and security have been pressing issues for businesses of all types for many years. As increasingly varied and complex technologies spread through organizations, businesses are finding it harder to ensure the reliability of their data, with fear of a security breach being well-founded. Bikdata is to join and gather all data from ERP systems into a single and secure blockchain; that is readable and can be verified at any point in time. By importing up the data obtained from an ERP platform, BIKX has a purpose that no other coin has, the ability to structure a company’s own data asset; because today, even data is an asset and must be treated accordingly.

Bikdata specializes in developing custom solutions for businesses that are data driven and specific to the needs of the client’s requests. Within a few years, Bikdata has shown a level of experience that develops “Business Add-ins” and many other independent solutions to digital payments, invoicing, and time management. In 2015, Bikdata acquired an SAP ABAP development firm in Paris called EBS, which is a consultant firm that started developing “Business Add-ins” on the SAP HANA platform. These add-ins enabled ERP data to be exposed for the first time to blockchain. The memory function of HANA SAP platform enabled hyper computing in memory calculations, which gave the ability to use a blockchain plug in. This plug-in secures the company’s ERP data, meaning it encrypts their data for later use while creating a new asset class around tokenized ERP systems. To learn more about Bikdata, visit the website

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