Mahira wants Pakistani awards to create categories for choreographers, technicians

Starlet Mahira Khan hopes that Pakistani award shows can create categories for choreographers and technicians as she wished her favourite choreographer Nigah Jee a very happy birthday.

Khan shared a picture with Nigah Jee, mentioning that he is her favourite teacher.

“Thank you for being such an important and joyful part of my journey. I love dancing with you in my room and I love being taught by you on set,” said Khan.

She added a little prayer for her teacher that he may always keep smiling.

Khan remarked that she hopes that local award shows create categories for technicians, adding that she had wanted to talk about this for a long time.

“It’s about time! I hope we get to see choreographers, cinematographers, art directors, editors, etc get recognition. Our films/dramas are nothing without them,” said Khan.

Earlier, she shared that she struggles with sleeping in a post on her social media. The only thing that made her sleep was her mother’s singing.

She poured her heart out in an Instagram post on Thursday by sharing her issue along with artwork by Abdal Mufti complimented with Kaavish band song’s Nindiya Re.

Mahira Nigah Jee

Khan said that she would wait for night to come so that everybody else would fall asleep and she would have the house all to herself.


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