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Lorde Will Make Her Live Comeback On The Late Night Show With Stephen Colbert

Lorde is expected to return live next week, appearing in The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

If confirmed, this show will be the artist’s first live since her comeback with a new single ‘Solar Power’ last month.

Musical Guest On July 15

According to information by Consequence, Lorde is expected to be a guest on the July 15 episode of the show. Along with her, the show will also feature Hugh Jackman in the discussion chair.

Lorde appeared on Colbert last month on FaceTime from her home country New Zealand, where she discussed about her third album – called ‘Solar Power’. Lorde also discussed about how she spent her days during the past months.

Buzzy Mix ‘Solar Power’

Lorde’s third album, ‘Solar Power’, is expected to be released on August 20, with the artist describing it as the “buzzy mix” of S Club 7 and TLC mixed with Fleetwood Mac.

The titular single from the album that was released June 10 has already been compared to Primal Scream with George Michael.

Both the band have given their blessings to ‘Solar Power’, the latter adding that “George would have been happy to hear” the connection.

Reviewing the first single and the title song of the album when it was released, NME said: “Where Lorde will go after this remains unclear, but her third era has started off on a beautiful, summery tip. All that’s left to do is get down to your nearest expanse of water, douse on the SPF and do as Ella would – cut loose, lay back and get free.”

2022 Music Tour

Meanwhile, Lorde will be back on the road next year with a comprehensive international tour. When tickets went on sale, the added two more events in London for the tour after the original exhibitions at the Roundhouse town hall were immediately sold out.

Lorde will now play three days at The Roundhouse between June 1-3, 2022, and a grand show at Alexandra Palace on June 28.

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