sandy joil

Looking For Fashion Goal Meet Sandy Joil Pageant Organiser

’Fashion Is Art And You Are The Canvas’’

The Person We Are About To Introduce To You Today Is No Stranger To Limelight. He Is One Of The Most Well Known And Sought After In The Pageant Industry. In His Career Has Organised Many Events. He Is The Founder And Owner Of Two Beauty Pageants

Sandy Joil Is Currently Based In The City Of Mumbai. He is An Entrepreneur,Fashion Organiser And He Is Very Versatile And Dynamic Guy

He Believes In that The Art Of Living Is The Art Of Giving. His Aim Is To Provide A Credible Platform To Individuals From All The Sectors Of The Nations To Showcase Their Talents And Skills

He Mentioned That there is a lot of talent and capable people in our nations who can who wonders however due to lack of support and opportunities they hesitate to come forward. My Motive is to encourage them to come forward and show the world what they are capable of doing. I want to touch as many lives as I can in this venture of mine. I believe that talent has no boundaries and it should stay hidden. If An Individual Has something Special In Him/Her Then the world Should know about it


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