Logan Paul Pledges To Quit Alcohol On His ImPaulsive Podcast

The Internet sensation Logan Paul has taken a big decision that will directly impact the state of his life. The YouTuber-cum-Boxer is highly successful on camera but he suffers with drinking problem behind the scenes.

Fans get unfiltered insights into Logan Paul’s personal life on the ImPaulsive podcast along with other fun stuff.

Is Logan Paul Sober?

In one of the recent episodes of the podcast, the topic of discussion was Logan’s ‘sobriety’.

George started the conversation by asking “well, Logan, are you sober right now?.”

The addictive personality of Logan Paul was a concern for his fellow podcast host George. “I’m noticing you can get grumpy when you’re not intoxicated…and that’s kinda worrying me,” he added.

‘You Have No Moderation’

George gave Logan the much needed reality check when he said “You have no moderation right now, it’s either high or low.” Mike also jumped in and emphasized that the YouTuber has what is takes to quit drinking alcohol.

Logan Paul recently revealed that he slid into Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor’s DM. He is always in the news for his actions but this time Logan has taken a serious pledge.

When offered help from his fellow mates, Logan responded “I respect what you are doing right now, but you’re not gonna need to step in.”

The date when he plans to stop drinking is set as November 30.

On The Work Front

With the determination and passion of the YouTuber that we have seen in the past, it is certainly not going to be a big deal for him.

So far, there is no news of Logan Paul getting back in the boxing ring. He is focussed on a new project, the details of which are not made public yet.

What do you think about Logan’s decision to quit drinking alcohol? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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