Lip enhancement facts by Entrepreneur & Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist Shuba Dharmana

Lip enhancement is one of the most sought out procedures in the world. People seek volume, projection, sensual, pouty lips whilst some want to look natural with some increased volume or correction of asymmetry. Fuller lips with volume and projection are considered youthful and attractive whilst pouty lips are considered sensual.

Shuba Dharmana is a celebrity cosmetic dermatologist, hair transplant surgeon and the founder of LeJeune Medspa. Crowned as the ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2012’, ‘Best Woman Dermatologist’ and ranked as one of the top 10 Celebrity Dermatologists in India, Dr Shuba has taken the concept of “beauty” to greater heights. Dr Shuba Dharmana is actively developing a range of cosmeceutical skincare actives that will target skin ageing for all ages as per skin type and age for men and women.

The Kyle Jenner and Anjelina Jolie lips were the most demanded lips in the past. Even today lot of people that want to enhance their lips always bring in a celebrity pic of lips that they want to copy. Generally, good proportion of the lips in relation to the facial width and height makes the face look attractive. Dentition, jaw alignment, retruded chin, age, asymmetry, gravity can play an important role and they need to be assessed before enhancing the lips on their own.

Lip enhancement needs differ also based on ethnicity and race. In Europe people have thin upper lips and generally prefer smaller lips whilst in Asia, Middle east, Latin America and
North America people prefer bigger lips. Contemporary pouty lips are a thing of the past. In this type of lip people demanded equal upper and lower lips. Today an ideal lip ratio between upper and lower lips is 1:1.6. The height of lower lip should be slightly bigger than the height of the upper lip and this considered the most natural and ideal.

When the lip ages, the volume and projection of lips decreases, there is an inversion of the corners of upper lip, loss of structure and projection of the vermillion border of the lips so that the definition of lips is lost, there is flattening of the philtrum, blurring of the cupid’s bow and sagging of the structures around the lips. The gender differences, ethnic variations, patient expectations, gravity, age related changes, muscle activity, skin changes, dentition, facial proportions, chin, jawline all need to be taken into consideration before one can plan the procedure.

Lip enhancement is commonly and popularly done with the help of hyaluronic acid filler injections. This non-surgical enhancement is a lunch time procedure that takes hardly 10-30 mins and with hardly any down time. After a quick application of numbing cream, the doctor starts the procedure after taking consent and before pics. The skin over and around the lips is thoroughly cleansed and the filler injections are given into the lips in the body, the vermillion border, the corners, the cupid’s bow as well as the philtrum. The lips can look slightly swollen for a day or two and the patient is advised not to use any makeup for 24 hrs.

The results from lip enhancement last 9 months to 1 year and touch ups maybe required every 6- 9 months to keep up the appearance. Any lumps, asymmetries, untoward & undesirable results can be dissolved with hyaluronidase injections. So the next time you want to think of lip enhancement, it’s important to search for a skilled doctor who has injected a lot of lips and will do a proper assessment & advise you taking into consideration your expectations and your facial proportions.

Dr Shuba is also going to soon launch a range of skincare beauty devices which one can use safely at home along with the serums for better absorption and effectiveness. The range combines certain natural and cosmeceutical actives for optimal effect utilising the power of modern medicine and technology along with ancient traditional knowledge. Also, Dr Shuba is the ambassador for the ‘Bangalore Chapter’ of ‘Teach for Change’ an NGO that supports government schools in education and leadership skills. She helps with fundraising activities every year for the NGO.

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