Lil Nas X And James Charles React To The Internet’s Speculation About Their Relationship

Lil Nas X and James Charles recently collaborated together for a YouTube video. In the beauty blogger’s recent video, James did the makeup of the rapper.

Lil Nas talks about fame, fashion as the beauty blogger glams up his face. They also talked about the rapper’s coming out story back which happened back in 2019. James appreciated the rapper’s decision to be coming out. He shared that it was an exciting headline for him and he was proud of him.

The beauty blogger further added, “Obviously, a few months ago you came out as gay, which was such an exciting headline and I was so excited and proud of you and I feel like a lot of the internet really was behind you and supported you as well. It was such a crazy cool thing for the country and the pop and just the music community in general.”

Lil Nas shared how nerve-wracking that was for him because he did not know what would be on the other side. However, he said he is glad to have gone through with it anyway. The beauty blogger then addressed the chaos of the internet after James congratulated the rapper for coming out.

He recalled, “I remember when you first came out of the closet too. I remember tweeting you to be like, ‘Oh my god, congratulations!’ And everyone was like he’s not gonna f–k you.” Lil Nas joked and said he is dead and they should keep that in the video.

“This is what they want”

The duo then talked about the memes that people made after their little interaction. James admitted that he still witnesses it all the time. “They’re really about to pipe up after this one though,” the “Holiday” performer quipped. “This is what they want.”

The rapper then shed light on James’ outfits that he wore when he went to Coachella. He shared how the photo of him with ass-less chaps was on his timeline for weeks. The beauty blogger responded asking him how he feels about that outfit. The rapper said the outfit looked great.

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James also appreciated Lil Nas’ fashion sense and applauded his outfits on the red carpets. However, the internet was still talking about the duo’s interaction. It sparked conversations about the artist’s relationship status.

But Lil Nas wasn’t having any of it. He took to his social media to remind something to people and wrote, “2 gay men can do things together without y’all sexualizing it.”


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