LG Is Coming With a Rolling Screen Smartphone Which To Be Dispatched This Year

CES 2021, one product that steals the show is LG. Its LG Display display arm shows invisible TVs, folding TVs, and more. Now, LG is coming out as a behemoth smartphone and making fun of its future phone. While the company has been abandoning plans for this device, this is the first time we have seen the LG Rollable in its full glory. The LG Rollable has what the company calls a screen that can be redesigned, trimmed or just clicked on a button. In its default mode, the phone looks like a phone but when the screen is completely outside, the LG Rollable turns into a tablet. And while it is believed to be a mobile phone, LG went ahead and confirmed that Rollable is coming this year.

“Our management wanted to show that it is a real product, as there are many rumors about this overturned phone,” a LG spokesman told Nikkei. “With the release of CES 2021, I see that it will be launched this year.” The report also states that LG is working with BOE Technology Group on a rolling display but there is no technical specification the company has used LG Rollable.

The new LG Rollable is part of the company’s Explorer Project under which it operates and has the LG Wing with two enhanced displays and works in a unique way. The LG Rollable is similar to the Oppo X 2021 that the company showed up last year at its INNO Day conventions. But there is a slightly different use between the two devices. Instead of expanding horizontally, the LG Rollable display grows upwards. And LG says there is a lot to explore with the LG Rollable device but it doesn’t say what. However, we do have usage issues from Oppo’s introduction of his phone that shows wrinkle.

The Oppo X 2021 will have its own interface designed in a way that will make the morph stronger to fit different screen sizes. When the display is released, the interface is relaxed and adds more space between the app icons. Video streaming apps such as YouTube work in tablet mode when the screen is expanded but in the event of a slim screen, the YouTube mobile app is available. Oppo did not say how this was achieved but certainly involves the close relationship between the company and Google to make Android work. Android 11 already brings roll-up display support, and the installation of roll-out display may be different.

While the Oppo X 2021 is still a concept phone, the LG Rollable has gone viral. With a surprising move, LG has confirmed that the LG Rollable is happening this year, giving impetus to the market for Smartphones with rollable rolls.

At CES 2021, LG also showcases invisible and curved TVs that explain the future of the display industry. Invisible televisions from LG use transparent OLED panels with 40 percent brightness. These TVs will not only be confined to their homes but will also be used for restaurants, municipal trains, and airports. Flexible TV, on the other hand, is flexible. It usually has a flat screen but the screen turns to the edge at the click of a button.


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