Lebraa Deville, One of Hip Hop’s Sexiest Rappers

Every few months, a new sensation breaks off the block and into the limelight. The New York rapper Lebraa Deville can be said to be one of those sensations. Beyond this, she can also be said to be a chip off the old block. Ambitious, aspiring and with the highest sense of responsibility, Lebraa loves her neighbourhood of Buffalo, New York but hates the crime. She grew up listening to gospel music but her love for rap wouldn’t just go away. She had to do something about it. She decided to get started and now her confidence level in the art is sky-high.

Drawing inspiration from Cardi B, Migos, and Lil wayne, she believes that she can be even better. She chooses to draw inspiration from Cardi as she has been through the same phase that Lebraa Deville is passing through right now; the state of being new on the scene and looking for a big break. Lil Wayne because he is the perfect balance of witty and uptight and the Migos because they awakened her love for rap. 

Besides these rappers, she draws inspiration from her family, she intends to be able to do much more for them and make everyone proud of her. Being a newcomer on the scene, she knows that that is not going to come on a platter of gold. She is prepared to work hard for it; her movement is all about self-belief and the fact that success can be achieved in the face of brutal opposition, against all odds. 

Lebraa Deville sees her music as sexy and gangsta, for her the energy she needs to get ahead comes from within and that is why her studio sessions are totally therapeutic. She loves what she is doing, she has always dreamt of doing it and she will keep at it until she achieves the dream she has always conceived. 

While she is focused on the present and ensuring that she gives her best on each track. Lebraa Deville understands that the future is only the offspring of the present. She is looking at getting international attention in the next few years and helping others do the same as well. 

Her Song, Pink Glock is a fantastic expression of the Lebraa Deville wave; self-expression, motivation and an ooze of sexuality which stems from her confidence. Lebraa feels as though the song is a projection of herself and says she gets multiple orgasms listening to it. 

As part of the new wave of artists who enjoy a friendly atmosphere, Lebraa Deville believes that the industry is changing and that women are being given more room for expression. However, she is all out to prove herself regardless of gender bias. With her family support and her increasing fan base who are part of the Lebraa Deville army, she intends to take over the space. 

It’s the stuff fairy tales are made of. It’s not hard to tell that Lebraa Deville is soon to become a household name.