‘Learning Never Ends in Photography,’ says Street Photographer John Lawrence Rapisardi

New York based photographer John Lawrence Rapisardi is an American born on 19th January,1993 who believes that photography is a field where learning never ends. He justifies it with his own experience in the pursuit. John comes from a family of writers, poets, and intellectuals from Sicily, Italy.

“I discovered my interest in design and photography at a very young age. Since then I have swayed creatively been different hobbies but in more recent years I landed with photography and have stuck with it,” says a passionate Rapisardi. 

John Rapisardi’s love for photography takes him places as he spends a lot of his time traveling the world to develop his photography skills. In the past five years or so, he has explored the Middle East, the Caribbean, South America and Europe and has put together a well-received body of work.

There is no set curriculum when it comes to photography. It is a complicated field where experience is the only real teacher. Rapisardi understands this well and always considers himself a student who is continually evolving. This attitude allows him to learn from everything. 

“I usually focus on my portrait and fashion photography because I find it to be a little more interesting. I like when I am able to engage with a subject and collaborate. Travel photography is a little more static to me. I don’t really travel places just to take photos, I just always have my camera with me.”

Rapisardi has a few portrait and fashion collaborations planned which will be released after New York Fashion Week. He is a notable budding creative in the city and someone to watch for in 2020 in the field.