Latinx TikTok Accounts You Should Be Following News

Latinx TikTok Accounts You Should Be Following

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Time icon May 19, 2021

TikTok has diverse stars who show their talent as singers, dancers, comedians, beauty vloggers and many more. But there are Hispanic stars who are entertaining the users with their amazing creations. The social media platform has given a platform to the new generation of digital entertainers who are able to connect with audiences.

These creators will help you feel positive as they send body-positive messages. They also celebrate their culture as they poke fun at themselves or just creating relatable and funny clips. Here’s a list of Latinx creators you need to follow on TikTok.

Alaina Castillo

This TikToker took over the platform with her impressive covers and original songs. She now has a rising musical career with a handful of catchy songs and bilingual EPs. The social media influencer has even performed a rendition of Consuelo Celaquez’s classic, Besame Mucho at the Latin American Music Awards.

Amara Que Linda

The social media star is Colombian and she entertains her followers with diverse content on all her platforms. Since we are talking about TikToks, she has more than 14 million followers on the platform. The creator plays out hypothetical scenarios and recreates awkward situations.

Adam Martinez

This creator is known for his hilarious makeup-wearing alter ego, Rosa. He wears giant eyelashes and under-blended contour as Rosa and keeps everyone entertained with the character.

Alejandro Rosario

The social media influencer is not afraid of any challenges that come his way. He keeps his fans entertained with his viral videos that feature his winning smile and his group of friends.

Ashley Quiroz

The creator took over TikTok with her extraordinary makeup tutorials and how-tos. She loves sharing her new finds and also tells followers about must-haves and techniques.


This social media influencer is known for his unique voice and genre-blending songs. The Columbian singer along with his wife, Evaluna, became popular on the platform with their viral dances. They both always team up to create choreography and challenges for his tracks.

Desi Perkins

The Mexican American beauty influencer has already established her name with her own cosmetic lines. However, if you follow her on her TikTok, you will look at her everyday home life, relationship with her husband, Steven Perkins.

Devin Rodriguez

This New York-based artist has over 14.7 million followers. He makes stunning portraits of subway riders in his community. Every drawing is as impressive as the next and the reaction of people are also priceless.

Iris Beilin

The Afro-Panamanian makeup artist keeps her followers entertained through her videos with her flawless makeup tutorials. She creates skincare and beauty tips and keeps it fun but informative.

Jenny Martinez

This creator shares authentic recipes that are passed down from her family. She will make you crave for Mexican food which includes desserts, full meals, and drinks.

There are many other TikTokers who are amazing creators and will kep you engaged, entertained, and help you learn new things.

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