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Lady Gaga Talks About Taylor Kinney & Fires Back At Trump

Lady Gaga opened up about her failed engagement with Taylor Kinney. The singer looked back at her relationship during a presidential candidate Joe Biden’s rally.

She shared that she was engaged to a man from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and said it didn’t work out. The Rain On Me singer shared that she loved him so much but it did not work out. However, she supported Joe saying that she still loves a Pennsylvania guy. She said, “I love Joe, so Joe’s my new Pennsylvania guy.”

Gaga then went on to perform her 2011 hit, You and I. She changed some of the lyrics and replaced it with Joe’s name into the lyrics. “Something, something about my cool Pennsylvania guy,” she sang. “There’s something about, Joe, you and I.”

Gaga and Taylor met back in 2011 on the sets of You and I and the former couple dated for five years. The duo even got engaged on Valentine’s day of 2015 after Taylor proposed with a heart-shaped ring. However, they went their separate ways the following year.

A source had revealed at the time that Gaga is working on an album and he is working on the show. Because they weren’t in the same state it was hard for them. The source added, “They both love each other very much and they want it to work. It’s just been tough with the long distance.”

The singer took to her social media and confirmed her breakup in a statement in 2016. She shared how Taylor and she have always believed they are soulmates and just like everyone else they have ups and downs.


Gaga wrote, “We are both ambitious artists, hoping to work through long-distance and complicated schedules to continue the simple love we have always shared. Please root us on. We’re just like everybody else and we really love each other.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump had some thoughts about Lady Gaga as he took to Twitter to slam his opponent. The Republican wrote in a viral tweet, “Just learned that Sleepy Joe Biden is campaigning in Pennsylvania with Lady Gaga, a proud member of ‘Artists Against Fracking’. This is more proof that he would ban Fracking and skyrocket your energy prices…”

Tim Murtaugh also chimed in as he shared a screenshot of the statement referencing Gaga’s performance. He wrote that nothing exposes Biden for the forgotten men and women of PA like campaigning with “anti-fracking activist” Lady Gaga.

PITTSBURGH, PA - NOVEMBER 02: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Lady Gaga greet college students at Schenley Park on November 02, 2020 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One day before the election, Biden is campaigning in Pennsylvania, a key battleground state that President Donald Trump won narrowly in 2016. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The Director of Communications of Trump’s re-election added, “This desperate effort to drum up enthusiasm is actually a sharp stick in the eye for 600,000 Pennsylvanians who work in the fracking industry.” However, the singer wasn’t having any of that. She fired back at both Trump and Tim.

Gaga reposted Tim’s statement and tagged Trump and wrote, “HEY TIM HEY @realDonaldTrump SO HAPPY IM GLAD TO BE LIVING RENT FREE in your HEAD. #BidenHarris.” The musician also added another tweet as she asked Trump what is fracking. She wrote, “Heeeey Donald…#WINNING (also, what is fracking?) keep your jobs PA…We [love] you.”

Trump also slammed Biden, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and other celebrities who support Democrats. He told a crowd that Lady Gaga is not too good and he knows a lot of stories about her.

Although Trump and his campaign have continued to claim Biden would ban fracking if elected, Biden, along with his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, have stressed that Biden’s administration would not ban all fracking, per FactCheck.org.

Gaga has been vocal in her support for Biden and Harris and has encouraged her fans to vote.

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