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Lady Gaga Says Her New Book Dives Into ‘The Mental Health Crisis’

Just days after releasing her new music video for 911, Lady Gaga has announced the release of her new book, Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community.

Lady Gaga Announces New Anthology Book "Channel Kindness" - That Grape Juice

Her book is for turning the attention to the young people all around the world, who have prevailed in their own battle. The book hit stores worldwide on September 22 as it consists of short stories from 51 young authors. The collection of authors have broken barriers around mental health stigma.

The book was in collaboration with Gaga’s mother, Cynthia Germanotta, alongside their Born This Way Foundation. The singer took to Instagram to celebrate its release and penned a short note.

She wrote, “#ChannelKindnessis a book written by young people from all over the world. My mother @momgerm and I, along with our very close friend and collaborator@mayabtwf, have spent years cultivating the stories of young people and celebrating them for their bravery.” Gaga posted a picture of the two holding the book.

The pop star explained that the book is not just about their stories, but also about herself. She added that it is also not only about the mental health of the world but the mental health crisis in 2020. The actor-singer further said that it has become more important than ever that people channel kindness.

Gaga adds, “It is more important than ever that we channel kindness towards each other, for each other, and with each other in a vision for a kinder and braver world.”

“My Existence Itself Was A Threat To Me”- Gaga

Before the release of her book, the singer revealed that the making of the book healed her relationship with her mother. She talked about when she was younger and had mental issues, her mother would not know how to communicate with her about it. However, the singer admitted, “We’ve found a way to channel kindness into our lives in a way that’s also healed our relationship.”

LADY GAGA'S BIRTHDAY - March 28, 2020 | National Today

Lady Gaga has been open about her struggle with mental health. She opened up about passing the dark times to make something special like Chromatica. The singer got candid about her journey to making the album after releasing it back in May.

In 2018, Gaga reveals she used to wake up every day and remember she is Lady Gaga, and she got depressed. After the completion of her Joanne World Tour, the singer says she was peeling all the layers of the onion in therapy. She revealed as she got closer to the core, the core of the “onion” stunk.

“My existence in and of itself was a threat to me,” she adds. “I thought about really dark s**t every single day”. However, with the help of her producers and the people close to her, she came through it. She said she is a savage when it comes to making a pop song.

Gaga revealed as she was making Chromatica, she reconnected with herself and her talent. She revealed she would cry and ask where it went and why it has to hideaway. The pop star said those songs led her to freedom. She says it happens when she can go to the darkest part of my heart and visit things that are hard.

“I Promise We Won’t Be Six Feet Apart Forever”

Lady Gaga's 'Chromatica' Is Here. Let's Discuss. - The New York Times

The singer said, “Give them to the world, and spin all the pain into a puddle of gold”. Although Gaga found herself through her music, she admitted to not being sure how people see her.

“I have no idea what people think or don’t think. I really don’t have an actual perfect grasp on how I’m viewed,” she says. “If you’re an artist and there is something you got to give, and you don’t even know why, but you were born that way, focus on that. Because that thing can’t be wrong.”

Gaga’s sixth studio album was also postponed from its original release date like many other projects. However, she made it clear that she was concerned about other things that were far more important than her latest album.

The singer said when she sees people struggling like they are now, she puts on her super suit and decides to take action. She explained when one is born in this country, they all drink the poison of white supremacy. The pop star admits to learning and unlearning things that she has been taught since forever. She said, “Social justice is not just literacy, it’s a lifestyle.”

Lady Gaga: Photos From the Billboard Cover Shoot | Billboard

Gaga explained, “What do I think about [posting] a black square? I think everybody has a different feeling about a black square. Do I think there’s such a thing as performative activism? Yes.” She also agreed to, witnessing true activism that’s been very important and needed. The singer also believes Black lives matter. She also believes that it is going to get louder and it should.

The pop star desires to bring her views on social justice out in the open whenever her Monster Ball Tour will actually happen. She said, “To say that I would do it to make my show relevant? Absolutely not,” she says of adding messaging to her tour. “I would do it to make my show right. I would do it to make my show good.”

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