Lady Gaga gave her jacket to a fan. Here’s why News

Lady Gaga gave her jacket to a fan. Here’s why

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Time icon June 19, 2020

Lady Gaga proved to us once again that she is a person with a heart of gold.

Earlier this week, the singer was photographed handing a jacket to one of her fans. Shannon McKee, met Gaga outside of a market in Malibu. McKee revealed that the exchange lead to a heartfelt conversation.

On speaking to TODAY, she reveals she walked in and complimented her jacket saying it is “bad ass”.

McKee was not aware that it is Gaga. She thought she has heard the voice before but was not sure about it.

Shannon later realised it is Gaga out with her boyfriend, Michale Polansky. Once she realised that, she decided to seize the moment and praise Gaga.

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McKee said she wanted to tell Gaga a story. And she thought it would be right if it is coming from her. So, McKee went back and asked her if she is Lady Gaga. And continued telling her the story of her best friend.

McKee told Gaga that her best friend back in high school was a huge fan of hers. And Gaga was the reason her best friend came out to her.

Shannon added that her best friend’s first five tattoos were for Gaga. And she also had her brother come out to her too. So, McKee thanked Gaga for being an incredible ally.

She said that Gaga was so touched by her story. And Lady Gaga surprised her with a move she did not see coming.

Shannon said as she narrated the story of her friend, Gaga removed her jacket and handed it to her. Gaga said she loved her jacket so much and went like,”Here. It’s yours. Put it on right now. You be a bad ass with it now”.

On asking for a photo, McKee said Gaga didn’t feel comfortable taking a picture so close to home.

McKee took to social media and posted a video about the experience which is now deleted.

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Shannon McKee praised Gaga and said she could not have been more sweet and caring. She called her compassionate and a beautiful person.

McKee revealed to TODAY, that she felt like crying;because it was a beautiful moment between her and Gaga. She has been a fan of her since high school. McKee said she believes timing is everything.

Lady Gaga has always been a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community. She delivered a beautiful and moving speech back in 2019, for the Stonewall Uprising to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Gaga dressed up in a rainbow coloured dress and said this is your freedom.”This is your joy that you have deserved always. I will not stop in pursuit of this liberation.”

She went on to say that she would take a bullet for them because they would take a bullet for someone they love.

Lady Gaga gave us one more reason to love her. All love to you Gaga!!!

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