Laapata Drama Last Episode – Director Praises Ayeza and Public Reaction

Laapata is a popular Hum TV drama which is produced by Momina Duraid and directed by Khizar Idrees. The drama has a stellar cast including Ayeza Khan, Sarah Khan, Ali Rehman Khan, Amna Malik, Rabia Naureen, Asma Abbas, and Goher Rasheed.

Laapata Drama Last Episode - Public Reaction
Laapata | HUMTV

Last Episode- Geeti Rocked, They Engaged

The drama has garnered a lot of hype because of its cast and unique storyline. Ayeza Khan first time played the character of social media sensation which was loved by her fans. Sarah Khan on the other hand played the character of a strong-headed sports girl. Goher Rasheed and Ali Rehman’s performances were also praised by fans.

Laapata Drama Last Episode - Public Reaction
Ali Rehman as Shams

The last episode of the drama just aired yesterday and fans are coming up with mixed reactions. A lot of people loved the drama and its vibe. They were of the view that the drama had been shot well along with good acting and different storyline and served the purpose of entertainment. Fans also said that all the actors were phenomenal in their roles and perfectly aced their characters despite the weaker storyline.

Mixed Reactions From Audience

Many fans loved the fact that the drama had decent numbers of episodes. A few didn’t like lesser number of episodes. A few fans loved the ending of Shams and Falak , Geeti’s fans were not happy, they throughout thought that Geeti deserved better. However, some fans also thought that the drama had shown the power of the girls, they said Geeti and Falak both were strong-headed girls. Many people liked the idea that they haven’t shown an evil person seeking forgiveness or having any guilt trip, they liked Geeti being herself till end.

Laapata Drama Last Episode - Public Reaction
Still From Laapata OST

Another opinion that came into the light was the one which said that the drama had poor storyline. Even it ended as abruptly as it started, the fans said that the drama itself was “Laapata” because of its story. There were a lot of comments of people who didn’t like the storyline.

Fans loved the acting of Ayeza Khan, Ayeza’s fan loved her each and every scene. One fan said that Ayeza was the star of the show. The happy ending of Sarah Khan and Ali Rehman Khan was also loved a lot by their fans. They loved the vibes of their scenes. A few fans also said that Falak was shown as a complete selfish figure. She was only caring for herself till the end, fans said that the drama should have ended in a better way. Everyone was coming up with a different opinion which hardly fell in one direction.

Laapata Drama Last Episode - Public Reaction
Sarah Khan as Falak

Director Praises Ayeza Khan

Khizar Idress while praising actress Ayeza Khan. He mentioned that “There were a few scenes written of Ayeza while making a TikTok in the script. Ayeza Khan herself did a lot of effort for her character. The costumes, the TikTok videos everything was decided by Ayeza herself.”

“Ayeza portrayed this character much better than what was actually written in script. Ayeza did a lot of research on different TikTokers to get some idea for her character. The credit surely goes to Ayeza for her remarkable performance in Laapata”, added Khizar Idress.

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