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Kylie Jenner Updates $1 Million Closet For Spring With Chanel

Kylie Jenner is famous for her trendy designer-stuffed closet that is almost worth over $1 million. The beauty mogul showed us an update of her room for spring 2021. She gave fans a look at her pastel colored Hermes purses as well as new pieces from Chanel.

The social media influencer has never shied away from revealing the spoils of her hard work from Kylie Cosmetics. She gave various angles of her closet which had no black items only colorful pieces such as open toe shoes, strappy high heels and purses with fancy hardware.

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The reality star had a heart-shaped beige Chanel purse with a large black double C logo. Her closet also contains shelves with dainty crystal-encrusted purse from Judith Leiber. There was also a small dusty blue Hermes Birkin bag that stood out. She also had a Louis Vuitton bag with their logo in hot pink.

Her shoes looked perfect for night outs with a stunning metallic pink pair by Alexandre Vauthier. There were various other shoes in her collection from the designer Louboutin. In one of the clips that she shared, Kylie revealed that she was reorganizing the closet. She shared multiple images of her nails which were now long with a beige color polish.

The reality star was delighted that her pink ring matched her purse. Back in 2019, Kylie had shocked her fans as she shared the look of her very upscale walk of her closet. It was specifically dedicated to designer bags with legendary status.

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The room was expected to have over $1 million as well. Kylie’s interior designer, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard had revealed that she has over 400 designer handbags. The London-native told People magazine that Kylie’s massive “purse closet that is dedicated to her collection of incredible bags.”

He said: “Lots of them are collectors items. She’s bought some as investments and they’re treated like works of art. There are at least 400 bags, mostly Hermés, lots of Birkin bags and then Louis Vuitton, lots of Chanel and some Dior and Fendi.” Kylie has at least four leather Hermes Birkin bags, which cost $11,000 or more a piece, while her orange suede Birkin retails for about $20,000. 

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Kylie revealed that the most unique and cool piece she has is definitely the dalmatian because it is a limited-edition Birkin. The bag costs $20,000. The looker also thinks her Hermes So Black Birkin is ‘pretty cool’ because it has all-black hardware. The limited-edition style, which was estimated to be worth $10,000 to $15,000, went for $24,000 at a Christie’s auction. 

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