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KRK Deletes All Review Videos Of Salman Khan From His Channel As Legal Battle Drags On

Kamaal R. Khan, also popularly known as KRK, after previously saying that there won’t be any pause from his side to review the movies of Salman Khan even if Salman would ‘touch his feet and request him’ not to do it now seems to have changed his mind.

In a new tweet, KRK said that he has “voluntarily” removed all of the videos which had content about Salman from his YouTube channel. Well.. why?

Why Did KRK Delete The Videos?

KRK says he deleted all the videos because he didn’t want to “hurt” Salman Khan.

Last month Salman Khan filed defamation judicial proceeding against KRK. The critic claimed that it was in retaliation for his negative review of the film ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai”.

Salman’s attorneys argued that the defamation lawsuit was because of corruption and money-laundering charges KRK had put against the actor.

What Did KRK Say?

Taking to Twitter, the KRK wrote: “Dear @BeingSalmanKhan I have voluntarily removed all my videos about you coz I don’t want to hurt you or anybody else. I will continue fighting case against you in the court. I will only review your future films if I will get permission from the court. All the best for future.” He wrote in a follow-up tweet, “Your team can notify me if I have left any video on my channel which offends you, so that I can delete that video also.”

Earlier on Thursday, after a Mumbai court gave Salman temporary relief, KRK said that he would challenge it further.

He said “I believe that review of the film is my personal opinion and court should not stop me from expressing my personal opinion. Therefore I will go to high court and even Supreme Court to protect my rights. I am a film critic and it’s my job, so I will continue reviewing films,” he wrote.

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