Kourtney Kardashian Reveals She Tried To Get Back With Scott Disick Before Moving On News

Kourtney Kardashian Reveals She Tried To Get Back With Scott Disick Before Moving On

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Time icon April 3, 2021

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are among the most famous celebrity couples, in recent history, meaning that the Kardashian Fans have never seen the possibility of a permanent breakup.

Kourtney has publicly confirmed that now she is with Travis Barker, but KUWTK revealed this week that she has tried to a chance with Disick on another occasion.

On the episode, the two took some time to explore whether they still have a romantic connection. In truth, this was mostly encouraged by the Kardashian family, and in KUWTK fashion, Scott and Kourtney played a joke on everyone else by pretending that they had actually slept together.

Scott admitted in his confession that he saw this as an opportunity for him and Kourtney to test their relationship.

It’s Not That Simple

“I think the family puts a lot more pressure on Kourtney than me in terms of whether they want her back with me,” he said. “They just see two people who spend a lot of time together, do a lot of things with their kids, so why can’t we have a perfect family and a white signal fence? But it’s not that simple. , you know it was a good thing. “

Disick and his girlfriend of three years, Sofia Richie, finally called it quits for good last year. Earlier in season 20, Disick revealed that Kourtney was a big reason why he and Richie didn’t work out.

Choose Me Or Kourtney

“I think people come into our lives and think it’s probably easier than they think… to be with you or with me,” Scott told Kardashian. “But it is a fact that we come with a lot of responsibilities. And it is not easy to see each other, work together and be friends.” He pointed out that Richie “literally said, ‘You have to choose me or Kourtney.'”

A source told E! that Richie was unhappy with Scott discussing their separation on TV:

“Sofia and Scott had to navigate many issues together throughout their relationship,” the source said. “It was no secret they had their ups and downs when it came to Kourtney. Once Kourtney and Scott became closer and were spending more time together with the kids, Sofia had a huge issue with it. She thought she was losing him to Kourtney and was jealous at times.”

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