Know About Vinetria, Who Is Dating Kanye West

While Counting Kim Kardashian Romantic Dinner Dates With Pete Davidson, Kanye West Has Been Romantically Linked To Model Vinetria

According to page 6, Kanye West has met someone amidst his split from Kim Kardashian. He has been hooking up for a while with model Vinetria. Kanye West Reportedly Dating Model Vinetria Amid Claiming Kim His Wife

She is the stunning model, who has over 300,000 followers on Instagram. She was also by Kanye’s side at his Donda Academy’s first basketball game in Minneapolis per photos on social media. While the pair sat courtside for the event, with Vinetria in all black. Kanye rocked a casual pair of jeans and varsity style jacket with leather sleeves — see the photos here.

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3 things about the model Kanye dating

1. Vinetria spotted court side with Kanye.

It got quickly noticed by fans, when Kanye had a beautiful brunette by his side. Vinetria and Kanye appeared at a basketball game on November 7. However, the pair photographed at ‘Ye’ Donda Academy for the first basketball game in Minneapolis. While they sat courtside at the game, with Vinetria stunning in an all black ensemble, featuring jeans and a sweater.

2. Been linked for ‘a while’

Sources claimed that she had been “hooking up with” Kanye “for a while now”. The outlet also noted that she was in Miami with the rapper when he recorded the Drink Chimps podcast. The claims seemingly corroborated by Instagram posts which placed her in Florida at the time.

3. Instagram signed model.

Vinetria signed with Public Image Management. According to the agency’s website, she is five foot nine with green eyes, and has stunned in several high-fashion photoshoots. She almost have 400,000 followers on her Instagram page at the time of publishing. 

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