Klepto Bear Club: Amber Marie Sets to Launch the Latest NFTs

NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are the latest blockchain innovations currently driving the digital economy and the world economy. NFTs are rapidly breaking into the investor scene at such an alarming rate that users and creators are in an unspoken rivalry to outdo one another in the latest digital asset, which has become a goldmine. Therefore, steady growth made possible by the acceptance of cryptocurrency, a halt in human activities worldwide due to the pandemic did more to help the digital currency sector than harm it. This was when makeup and body artist Amber Marie stumbled on the graffiti world and how art can become the next big thing. Following a donation of $100,000, Amber began designing what would become the Klepto Bear Loot Boxes, thereby drawing her closer to her dream of creating the Klepto Bear NFTs.

The brain behind Klepto Bear Club is Amber Marie, a native of Denver, Colorado, who has always been drawn towards visual art ever since she was a little girl. Whether drawing her dreams or studying still life objects around the house, she constantly had a pen and paper in hand. And through high school and her teenage years, she excelled in art at every level of her education until she got to the University, where she found the curriculum at the Metropolitan State University boring, pretentious and lacking inspiration. And as someone who was committed to finding her true self and calling, she proceeded to drop out to pursue her craft; first as a makeup and body artist in the photography industry, before eventually landing on graffiti which became her main hustle by the time COVID hit the world in 2019.

With Klepto Bear NFT, Amber created an artwork known for its rich color imbued with fine details and an intricate line-work that shaped the story she brings. Rare assets from iconic films, comics, games and pop culture harken to a nostalgic world where users’ imagination can run free. Klepto Bear Club is the first in her collection, with the bear representing an actual bear presented to her by her grandmother when she was five and each asset in the collection is designed to tell a story of the adventures the bear has been on as well as the possible adventures the bear might embark on in the future.

According to Amber, Klepto Bear aims to create a nostalgic feeling in the users’ minds and tons of prizes are available to be won by the first set of users to buy into the newest tokens. Prizes to the tune of $100,000 are set to be won, “Klepto bears connect to our childhood and offer an important chance to reconcile those memories..versions of ourselves.” In addition to giving talented artists globally the chance to do what they love and earn money from their art.

Learn more about Klepto Bear NFTs by visiting their website.


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