Kendall And Kylie’s Brand Accused of Not Paying Workers

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are speaking out about claims that they have not paid their workers in Bangladesh.

The Kendall+Kylie brand is accused of not paying workers in Bangladesh. The brands released a joint statement on their social media handle. They have stated that their brand has no relationship with the company that is accusing them of not paying.

Their statement started out saying that the rumor is incorrect and unfortunate. They have denied claims of Global Brands Group owning the Kendall + Kylie brand. And also denied claims of not paying factory workers in Bangladesh amid COVID-19.

The accusations were made on ReMake and Diet Panda’s Instagram handle. They claimed that Global Brands Group wasn’t paying up workers. GBG had listed Jenners’ clothing line on their website. The brand was owned by a different entity altogether. ‘This is untrue. The Kendall + Kylie brand is owned by 3072541 Canada Inc., not GBG,’ the statement continues. However, they admitted to working with CAA-CBG previously in a sales and business development capacity.

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The statement further clarified that they do not have any relationship with CBG presently. They state that these are trying times for the fashion industry but they assure they continue to support all of their partners.’ We know these are trying times for the fashion industry and garment workers as a whole, and we continue to support all of our partners working in factories who produce our products,’ the statement continued.

They clarified that they manufacture in various countries and have not received any complaints from the factories who produce their goods. The original post by ReMake states that GBG did not pay garment suppliers in February and March. Diet Prada also made similar claims after which the rep for Kendall+Kylie denied the allegations.

They clarified that they do not produce in Bangladesh and that their brand is owned by Canada Inc. Confirming that the allegations are false. Although the brand discarded the claims, Kendall+Kylie was listed under GBG’s Kids section till June 23. A rep confirmed that they are working on getting it removed from the site.

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Their logo was removed from the site on June 24. CAA-GBG issued another statement following the removal. ‘“CAA-GBG is the Brand Management Division of Global Brands Group (GBG) and does not design or manufacture any product for Kendall + Kylie,’ the statement read.

Recently, Khloe Kardashian came in support of her sisters. She took to social media to support the brand and her sister.

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