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Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Her Life, Love and Music

In an interview prior to her divorce, Kelly Clarkson says all about her life, her issues, her music and much more.

The singer was interviewed before her divorce filing with Brandon Blackstock, by Glamour Unfiltered. She gave the interviw via a Zoom call from her Montana cabin. Her and her family were quarantining in the cabin for a while.

Kelly has produced one hit after the other since she won the first season of the American Idol. She is a host of a chat show and she also appears in USA’s number one show, The Voice.

Kelly reveals that she has been on an emotional roller coaster since the past few months. She admits that all of this (quarantine) is difficult as a parent for her, as she constantly does the same things.

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Kelly goes on as she says she has to cook everyday and clear after her children. She explains that everyone is learning and teaching from home which she admits is crazy.

‘I don’t think you get rid of that’

Kelly continues of feeling pressured of being a perfect ‘stay-at-home mom’ and also a ‘working mom’. She says she has to remind people that she is a ‘full-on mom’ and not an ‘absentee-mom’. Kelly admits to having abandonment issues since her father left her when she was six years old. She claims she does not want to pass it on to her children. So Kelly says she has to keep reminding the people she is working with that she is doing the best she can.

On asking Kelly how she deals with her abandonment issues, she says that it is something you can’t get rid of. It is always there. Kelly says she writes songs about it and connects with all these people that she does not know.

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Kelly explains that we will always have something that bums us out. She says but it is important to recognise and accept that those things made you who you are. Kelly admits that it has made her confident and strong at a very early age. Sometimes Kelly feels grateful to her father because otherwise she would not be the person she is today.

Kelly says negative occurrences can be empowering if you want it to be.

“You can sit here and cry about it all day long, but it’s not going to help you and you’re not hurting anyone but yourself,” Kelly said.

She further says that it is a choice and we have to deal with whatever cards life give us.

‘That’s not who I am’

Her new single ‘I Dare You’ is all about self-love and how difficult it really is to do that. On being asked about how that idea has changed her, Kelly says that until you love yourself, you are not capable of doing it to others. She further explains her statement saying until you work on your own damage, you are missing out on beautiful relationships with people.

Then, Glamour’s Gosh Smith, further asks her about her turning point when she began loving herself. Kelly reveals that back in high school, she was very depressed because she didn’t get selected after giving auditions. She thought she did not get it because she is not pretty enough. But eventually she realises that it is a ‘vocal thing’. Kelly says, “You are always not going to get what you want”.

She reveals that she felt pressured because she was too thin and did not have healthy habits. Kelly revealed later that she had people shoving magazines in front of her. They said, “This is what you are competing with”.

Kelly Clarkson performs at FOX-TV’s “American Idol” finals at the Kodak Theatre

“When someone that is supposed to love you the most on the planet, completely rejects you for whatever reason in their own issues, you are forced to choose,” Kelly said on loving herself.

She also says she is grateful for her mother. Her mother has been perfect for her when times get tough.

Kelly Clarkson’s new song ‘I Dare You’ is about self-love and how hard it really is to do that. ‘I Dare You’ is out now.

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