Katy Perry Feared She ‘Wouldn’t Live to See 2018’ While Depressed

Singer Katy Perry has revealed that she feared she would not live to see 2018 after hitting rock bottom. She battled depression during her Witness tour. It was followed by the poor reception her fifth studio album received.

In a new interview, Katy reflected on medication that she had to use to overcome some of her issues. She explained it saying it was like her brain was sprained and she had to use crutches. The singer has been in therapy since she was 25. However, she recalls the most recent encounter with depression was more difficult than anything she had previously experienced.

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She said she got clinically very depressed in the interview with Sunday Times. Katy revealed she was on some medication that her psychologist told her to take. She explains that the medication changes the chemistry of the mind. The singer further added that some people need pharmaceutical crutches.

Katy says you are never going to change someone no matter how much you want to change them. She recalled that she had to make a decision of changing herself after going through a rough phase. The singer said she had no choice but go on an emotional, spiritual, psychological journey. She says without that she would not have survived to see 2018. Katy also said that the medication was really intense.

The singer said, ‘I’ve been through the journey, now I’m just enjoying the ride. I’m [no longer] a thirsty, desperate pop star that has to reach certain numbers in order to feel worthy. The overall definition of this record [her new album Smile] is getting my smile back.’

However, Katy is no longer taking medication because she found an alternative treatment. She has become a fan of meditation and the Hoffman Process. It is billed as an effective treatment for depression, anger and anxiety and releasing negative emotions by using Freudian analysis.

It was recently reported that Orlando Bloom and Katy have pushed back their wedding for a second time. Katy revealed in an interview that the couple are focusing on delivering their baby. The artist might deliver the baby girl any day now.

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The new-parents were originally supposed to tie the knot last winter. Katy and Orlando got engaged in February 2019. The couple is putting a hold on their wedding plans as of now, because of the circumstances. They planned on tying the knot in Japan, this year.

An insider revealed that everything was coming together for the wedding. Katy was very excited to be walking down the aisle while she was pregnant, says the source. They were both very excited about tying the knot and having all the details come together. But they decided to put the wedding on hold because of the health crisis that emerged with time.

Katy revealed that no plans can be made in 2020 because those plans get canceled. She said that they want to deliver a healthy child and everybody has to take life a little slow.

The singer said in a recent interview with Howard Stern that the wedding will happen in the future. But their sole concentration is in delivering a healthy baby at the moment.

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Orlando also opened up about the wedding plans in an interview in March. He toldThe Times UK: ‘I’m not joking when I say that coronavirus might have a play in whether we put things on ice, because we’re going to be traveling and we don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable.’

The couple is rumored to be planning two weddings. One ‘local’ and the other will be a ‘destination wedding’.


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