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Katrina Kaif Defends Rohit Shetty After The Interview

Filmmaker Rohit Shetty while promoting his upcoming movie ‘Sooryavanshi‘ landed himself in unwanted controversy.

During a recent interview, Rohit is asked in the interview ‘Which actor does he focus on while looking at the monitor?’ to which Rohit replied “You have to watch the take thrice. The scene with the blast has Katrina too. If you look closely, she is blinking (during it). After the fourth take, she came to me and asked: Can we take one more? And I said, ‘Katrina, I will tell you honestly, no one is going to look. She got so wild.”

Rohit’s response left the actress red-faced to which she replied, “how could you tell me this?” and in response to her, the director again replied “Three guys are walking with blasts happening behind, nobody will notice you. And I kept that shot. In the promo, she blinks while walking. “But kaun dekhega

However, Rohit’s response triggered loyal Katrina fans and the Twitter community. Soon #SHAMEONYOUROHIT started trending on the social media website.

Here are some of the trolling and responses that are given to Shetty’s interview.


However, earlier today Katrina came out in the director’s defense stating the comments made by the director were misunderstood. In a published statement posted on Instagram, the actress said she shares a warm relationship and even considered him a friend.

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