Kanye West Says ‘Slavery Is A Choice’ As He Continues Twitter Rant

The rapper has compared the feud with his record label with slavery. Kanye West has taken to his Twitter yet again, this time saying that slavery is a choice.

He is asking to be released from his contract with record labels Universal and Sony. The rapper continues his feud with the record labels and reveals that he is building a wall around his house. Kanye is talking about his house that he shares with his wife, Kim Kardashian West, and their four kids.

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The rapper seemed to be ranting on Twitter the entire night and calling other artists to support him. Kanye posted: “In the streaming world master ownership is everything… that is the bulk of the income …In COVID artists need our masters … it’s more important than ever before.”

He continued in his series of tweets claiming he got J. Cole’s number and now he is waiting for Drake, Kendrick, Che Pope. The rapper adds he got Dave’s number and will receive Kendrick’s number shortly. Kanye tells his followers that he will keep them updated.

The singer added, “Remember they cut our tongues when we were on the boat … but noooooow…. slaaaaaavery iiiiiiiiis aaaaaaaaa chooooooooice.” However, this is not the first time Kanye is making his controversial views about slavery public. He has talked about slavery back in 2018 during a “serious episode” with his bipolar disorder.

The rapper told TMZ at the time that when he hears about slavery for 400 years, it seems like a choice. He added that people are mentally imprisoned. Although Kanye apologized for making those comments, it does not stop him from going on a Twitter rant about the same topic.

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West Builds A Huge Wall Around His LA Mansion

Kanye claims he has started building a huge wall around the family’s LA mansion, where he revealed he is growing his own food. The rapper has previously built a similar wall around his ranch in Wyoming.

His latest Twitter rant comes after he went on a similar rant about his wife and her family. He had said that he wanted to get a divorce from her for a while now. The couple, fortunately, made amends and are doing better. During his very public and controversial presidential rally, Kanye revealed that Kim and he were going to abort their first child, North, who is now seven.

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Kanye West revealed that his fans would have to wait quite a bit before hearing his next song or album. The rapper took to his social media a few days back. He revealed in a series of tweets, he’s “not putting no more music out till I’m done with my contract with Sony and Universal.” He continued, “On God … in Jesus’ name … come and get me.”

Back in 2019, Kanye had filed a pair of lawsuits against EMI. EMI is the song publisher that has administered the rights to his songs since 2003. And it has also been against Roc-a-Fella Records, UMG Recordings, Def Jam, and Bravado International Group.

However, EMI sued the rapper in 2019 for  damages, after what it called in court documents, a response to “West’s efforts to renege on his bargained-for contractual obligations to the company.” In January this year, they had reached a settlement.

“Let’s Rise Up… Let’s Communicate”-Kanye

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Kanye in another tweet demanded to receive apologies from J. Cole and Drake. It will not be the first time the rapper has had feuds with both of them. He compared himself to Nat Turner, who was an American slave leading a Virginia rebellion for freedom in 1831. The rapper said he was fighting for them and said he is Nat Turner.

Kanye also compared himself to Moses and said the music industry and the NBA are modern-day slave ships. The rapper said he will not watch his people be enslaved. He also said that he is the second richest man in America and that he needs his people on his side for them to be free.

The rapper might have been implying a potential alliance between himself, Drake, and J.Cole. However, he deleted the tweet and said that the wealth is in our love of family and our brothers and our service to God. He further urges, “let’s rise up… let’s communicate.”

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Kanye also deleted a tweet that said he had a meeting with ‘Sean Carter’ and corrected himself later on as Jay-Z’s name is Shawn Carter. He said no disrespect to his big brother.

The rapper further implying an alliance said he is not the industry and that he doesn’t care. He said he is in service to Christ and implies that the world needs healing. Kanye wrote that he misses his brothers and refuses to argue with black men on the labels that they don’t own.

‘Steve Stoute Is A Good Man’- Kanye

He added, “I have the utmost respect for all brothers … we need to link and respect each other… no more dissing each other on labels we don’t own.” The rapper explained, “Let’s stop killing each other … let’s show God that we are Gods people … my ego gets the best of me too,” he shared. “God doesn’t measure us by money in his kingdom … let’s love each other… I love my brothers and I miss my friends … real talk.”

Kanye also shared a screenshot taken from Instagram from the account called @balleralert. The post featured a conversation between NBA star, Kevin Durant and businessman, Steve Stoute. In the message, they discourage Black Americans from voting for the rapper.

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The Yeezy founder wrote that Steve Stoute is a good man although he is disappointed with his recent decisions. He said that Steve is his brother and that he understands. The rapper also assured Steve that he is here for life.


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